Saturday, 31 December 2011


Hey hey readers!! It's new years eve!! We will soon be welcoming 2012 into our lives and I hope you've all got some awesome festivities planned for this evening!! Here's a little tune to get the party started...a little early I know but here it is...

Diana always knows how to get the party started! She's coming out!! Oh yeah!!

Happy New Years Eve everyone!!

Love Naomi


Misfits: Simon&Alisha: The Time Loop

Calling all Misfits fans...I've been doing a bit of thinking since the season finale and thought that it was about time that I shared some of my thoughts with you guys!! Now I know that many of you are very disappointed with the conclusion of series three (me included...I didn't want to lose Iwan or Antonia) and many of you think that it was all lazy writing on Howard's part...which is fair enough, time travel is always a touchy're never quite treading on safe ground!! But I personally think that he did a solid job with the finale!! It had weight to it!! I think the main issue people have is with the point in time that Simon goes back...and trying to make sense of it all!! Well, I have given this a lot of thought and have come up with a reason!! So listen up, but feel free to disregard it if you wish to...

Basically! A time loop occurs when an event - EVENT A - causes another event - EVENT B - which then in turn causes the first event - EVENT A!! Lets put this into context...

In series two, Simon travels back in time and dies saving Alisha from the video game guy!! - This is EVENT A

As a result of EVENT A, Alisha falls in love with present day Simon, but then she is killed by Rachel!! - This is EVENT B

Which then causes Simon to go back in time!! - Which is again of corse EVENT A 

Very basic idea, but completely mind boggling!! So basically like a circle there is no real beginning and no end to the loop!! Both events are a direct result of each other which ultimately means they cancel each other out and neither of them actually come first - neither happens before the other!! 

I know it's all sounding a little complicated but stay with me guys! It shall all become clear! I hope.

Let me go back to my favourite example...which is of course Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban! I'm gonna skip the first chunk of the film and jump straight to the day in which Harry and Hermione travel back in time and save Sirius from being killed!! 

Before Harry and Hermione go back in time there are several events which happen that get them out of a few sticky situations - for example the stone hitting Harry on the head and warning them to leave Hagrid's hut, the wolves howl which distracts werewolf Lupin and stops his attack on Harry and Sirius, and the stag patronus which saves Harry and Sirius from the dementors! Now when Harry and Herminone go back in time we discover that it was actually their future selves saving them, and it was them going back in time that caused these events to happen - Hermione throws the stone which hits Harry on the head and also shes the one who makes the sound of the wolf howl, and it's Harry who casts the patronus which saves himself and Sirius!! But until they've gone back in time, these are just events which occur, which get the gang out of tricky situations but have no real meaning or weight behind them! Just lucky coincidences!! 

So getting back to Misfits - if Alisha had never discovered the true identity of Superhoodie, who would have been behind the mask!! It may never have become Simon!! Alisha is the only one who discovers Superhooodie's true identity whilst he is still alive, and as soon as that happens the time line ahead of her is altered to guarantee the enevitability of Simon eventually travelling back in time! So, heading back over to my previous example if Harry and Hermione had travelled back in time and instead of hiding in the shadows had donned superhoodie type ninja costumes, they would have become living, know entities in the present - and the events which they cause would suddenly have weight and meaning behind them...and also an ayr of mystery might I add!

So if Simon had gone back in time and hidden in the shadows, saving the gang but never being seen, then the events caused by him would just be lucky coincidences to the gang, and would only have weight and meaning once Simon had gone back in time and discovered that it was actually him causing the events!! But then if this happened Simon and Alisha would never fall in love, which is of course the crux of the whole story!!

Which leads us back to the EVENT A causes EVENT B causes EVENT A dilemma!! So basically it was always going to happen this way! There nothing one can do to get out of a time loop!! It's one of those tricky paradoxes!!

And to address one more issue that fans are bringing up...why does Simon go back when Alisha dies? What's the point of him going back in time to save Alisha so that she will die anyway?

Well, my answer for this question is simple! From the luck of things it seems that in all timelines that we have seen, Alisha ends up dead!! In the cheese timeline she killed by the cheese guy! In the Nazi time line she is smoked to death by tear gas! She was nearly shot by the video game guy! Then nearly hung by the crazy girl who could stop time! Was nearly thrown off the roof by Sally! And then she's actually killed by Rachel who slits her throat! So, to be honest I don't think Alisha was destined to live a very long live unfortunately!! So, Simon has to go back when he does! He can't bare the thought of spending the rest of his life without Alisha, and so this is where he must go back!! Which explains why his future self so willing dies for Alisha when saving her from the video game guy!

Still not convinced! Look at it this way! If Alisha hadn't died Simon would have no reason to go back and leave Alisha! He loves her too much to hurt her by going back and dying - and Alisha would never let him leave!! I don't think he would ever have found a reason to leave her side...unless maybe they broke up and so he goes back in time to fall in love with her all over again! Which is sad!! And we wouldn't have wanted that! Alisha dying is the only thing big enough to sent Simon back!!

QUESTION TIME: Why doesn't Simon warn Alisha that she is going to have her throat slit by Rachel when he goes back in time?...Well, because if he did that, then Alisha wouldn't die when she does, and Simon wouldn't go back in time when he's suppose to, resulting in Alisha being shot by video game guy!!
AND: Why does Simon bother going back in time to save Alisha from the video game guy only for her to die months later?...Well, firstly because he loves her! And secondly because if he didn't then he would never have loved her!! And as they say it's better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. AND the accompanying question: Why doesn't he save her but keep his identity hidden so that she doesn't fall in love with him? My answer: they still would have ended up together. It was inevitable.

Conclusion...lets rename the events:

EVENT A - Simon dies
EVENT B - Alisha dies
EVENT A - Simon dies
EVENT B - Alisha dies
EVENT A - Simon dies
EVENT B - Alisha dies
EVENT A - Simon dies
EVENT B - Alisha dies
EVENT A - Simon dies
It's a Simon-Alisha sandwich of love! Loop of love! Tower of love! Infinity of love! Whatever you want to call it!! 

RIP Simon and Alisha!! We love you...
Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and...ect!!

(this song reminds me of them so much xx)

Love Naomi


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Because there"s never enough Iwan in you day...

Here's yet another unseen photograph from the 'Wild Bill' premiere of both Iwan and Antonia sharing yet another intimate(ish) moment together! Check out these two lovebirds arriving side by side to the premiere on foot? where's the fancy stretched car? I guess it was a BFI's more trendy to arrive on foot...would've been even more so if they'd cycled!! Anyway...enjoy!

Thanks to these kind people for providing this pic!! xx

Love Naomi 


Because there's never enough Iwan (and Anotina) in your day...

Here is a photo of Iwan and Antonia from the 'Wild Bill' Premiere a few months ago!! It's one that I have never seen before!! How about you guys?? Seen it before??

A rather loving stare from Antonia here!! Awwww...they are tots in love, even if they haven't realised it yet we sure have!! Love you guys!!

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Misfits: The Simon Bellamy Show

I just had another thought for the spin-off Simon Bellamy Show theme tune (Simon fans don't get too excited this is not a real show read here for explanation)!! 'No Surprises' By Radiohead it's got enough of a beat to be carry the opening titles...and it's got the Simon stare if that makes any sense at all! If a song could have a stare this one has it for sure!! It's that creepy little continuous ding-ding ding-ding thing!! It's genius!!

This has inspired me to put together another Simon Bellamy playlist! In honour of Iwan leaving the show here it is...Enjoy! 

'No Surprises' - Radiohead
'Best Friend' - The Drums
'Psycho Killer' - Talking Heads
'The Model' - Kraftwerk
'Wolf Cry' - Elephant
'Infinity' - The XX
'Ceremony' - Joy Division
'Karma Police' - Radiohead
'Me and the Moon' - The Drums
'Pictures of You' - The Cure
'Friend [Lover]' - Evenings
'Wear and Tear' - Foals
'She's Not There' - The Zombies
'Shelter' - The XX
'Money' - The Drums
'Assembly' - Elephant

I'm loving this playlist (if I do say so myself) I think it may even be better than the last one I did! Maybe...but it's a close call!! I hope you've enjoyed my music choices...all inspired by Simon of course!! If you didn't then each to there own and all that (but seriously where's your taste...haha just kidding of course)!! But just so you know this wasn't a bish-bash-bosh willy-nilly job of a playlist, I spent a good couple of hours coming up with this! So credit where credit is due! Haha!

Love Naomi


Monday, 26 December 2011

I've got my sparkle on!

I hope that everybody had a very merry christmas yesterday!! I was happy with the gifts that santa left for me, particularly the festive nail polishes he left in my stocking!! Check out my nails!!

I achieved this look by...

Firstly, applying a coat of 'Smoke Dazzle'

Followed by two coats of 'Supernova'

And then to finish a coat of 'Clear' to seal it.

Perfect Party Season nails! Why not join me and jazz up your nails!? They are all from American Apparel and cost £7 each, although if you buy all three you'll get the third for £3 pounds!! Bargain!! 

Love Naomi


Because there's never enough Iwan in your day...

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts, so it's about time I did... they are one of my favourites!! But enough with the pointless dribble...lets just cut to the chase shall's Iwan in some new photos, curtesy of, looking very hot (Standard expectations where Iwan is concerned.) We Owe a massive Thank you, thank you very much, thank you very much indeed...

Those eyes. Dreamy.

This is my favourite. It's the deep meaningful actor pose. You've all gotta have one! Mine was never very good...that says a lot. However, this is particularly good! It encapsulates his 'tortured soul' type cast!! Love it. Love him.

Great photo! The light is amazing!

Very swarve! I'm feeling the do Iwan! The hair is looking very good indeed!


Very nice. Who is this photographer? These shots are great!! Thumbs up!!!!!!

I hoped you enjoyed the post! I sure did!

Love Naomi


My Beautiful New Purse!

I bought this gorgeous new purse this afternoon! It's a metallic purple faux crocodile skin style pinch clasp purse...made by Ted Baker and it's super cute...I dare anyone to disagree!! Hahaha...but check it out for yourselves...

I love it. 
It was a little pricey (£79 pounds too pricey if you ask me) but it put a smile on my face!! it's just a shame that the point of a purse is to hold your money and now I've got none left to put in it hahaha!! Boxing day blues = Impulse buys!! 

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!!
Love Naomi


Sunday, 25 December 2011


AB FAB was back on our telly boxes this festive eve!! And wasn't it just amazing sweetie!! I love love loved it!! You just can't beat it in my opinion!! Genius!

Here's the theme tune! Wheels on fire! It's a classic.

Love Naomi



Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope santa brought you everything that you wanted and I hope that everyone has had a lovely festive day!! Here's a bit of Mariah Carey for you all...

Love Naomi


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Misfits: The gang pick their Themes Tunes!

I Love them SO much it hurts!! When they come together like this (which will never happen again...*tears roll down my cheeks) they are just hilarious!! True misfits fam right there.

My Theme Tune choices for the Gang!





hahaha!! It works but I prefer my choice for Rudy, which is...

Hahaha!! Totally Rudy's tune.

Dark Rudy:
So emo! Jokes! hehehe!

I hope you liked my choices! Just a bit of fun! Why not come up for the theme tune of your own life...I think mine would totally be this...

Hahaha! Tuneeeeeee.

Love Naomi


Get Your Sparkle On!!

Hey Hey readers merry christmas to you all!! I just thought that I would share some of my festive spirit with you all this christmas eve...and it just wouldn't be christmas with out some SPARKLE!! I found the most AMAZING christmas party dress the other's silver need I say more...
You can't really see that it's silver in sepia but trust's silver!!

It's pretty damn Christmassy right...pretty hard to beat I'd say? Well, I'd be incorrect if I said that because in fact American Apparel have some rather SPARKLY festive attire...trousers, tops, bras, name it, it sparkles...

OMG!! Hahaha! This is my favourite! How much did they have to pay him to wear those?? A lot I'd say! Brilliant.

Don't fancy going all out this festive season?! Then why not jazz up your nails!! American Apparel is the place to be, check out these bad boys!!

MY FAVOURITE, IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!! But I love them all!!

I've tested most of them out and they are the shit! Absolutely incredible!! I love love love them, and so do my nails! Invest in a couple or them all!! Let your nails be the hit of the festive season!! 

Merry Christmas!

Love Naomi


Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!

My favourite Christmas tune dedicated to all my readers this christmas eve!!
Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Misfits Finale Tune of the Day!

The final Misfits tune of the day is of course the song accompanying the much anticipated Simon and Alisha love couldn't be anything else. So here it is...'Fixed Income' by DJ Shadow, Enjoy!


Love Naomi


Our Misfits at the British Comedy Awards.

Here's a picture of our misfits gang (minus Joe Gilgun) at the British Comedy Awards from the other night! They are all looking rather snazzy, Lauren in particular!!

Antonia looks so beautiful! And Nathan looks rather dapper, liking the black polo combo with the black suit...very nice! Iwan...what can I always looks so handsome and immaculately presented!! look very sparkly...that's all I can say really! 

I love you guys! Looking at this photo after having watched the finale is sad!! We're never going to see them hanging out at award ceremonies all together like this EVER again! Boohoo!!

Love Naomi


Good Luck Iwan and Antonia.

Just wanted to provide Iwan and Antonia with a proper farewell and good luck message. I'm sure that what I have to say counts for all misfits fans...So this is from us all I guess (but mainly me ha!)...

You've both been absolutely incredible and entertaining to watch over the past three seasons of Misfits and whatever happens with series 4 you shall be sorely missed. Good Luck with all future endeavours, I am sure that you shall have success in whatever projects the future holds. You are both incredibly talented and inspirational actors! Keep acting (and singing Iwan) and hope to see you on my telly again soon. That better be a promise...

Love Naomi at 'John, Grab Your Anorak'. 


'Dreams Of A Life'.

This film looks incredible. I am desperate to see it. Check out the trailer.

"Haunting, compassionate and inventive" 5 - Time Out...'Dreams Of A Life' starring Zawe Ashton (Misfits, Fresh Meat) is in cinemas now. A film by Carol Morley.

 For Joyce Vincent.

Love Naomi


'Blue Jeans' Lana Del Rey

I think that she has become a little bit of an obsession of mine! I can't help but listen to 'Video Games' over and over again, it never fails to bring a tear to my eyes!! Here's another of hers 'Blue Jeans' just as beautiful...give it a wee listen

Love Naomi


Are you a Misfits fans in need of cheering up? Watch this!

This clip of Rachel falling flat over from 2009's X-Factor will never stop being funny! If you're in need of a bit of light relieve from the misfits trauma...or maybe you're just feeling a little bit low...whatever your trauma...just watch this a couple of times!!'ll make the hole in your hearts a little bit smaller...for a while at least!

So funny!! Hahahahaha! This never gets old! That cheered me up.

Love Naomi


'Video Games'

Another dedication to Simon and Alisha! 'Video Games' by Lana Del Rey...listening to this will bring tears to you eyes! Grab a hankie!

Love Naomi


Monday, 19 December 2011

Misfits Finale Behind the Scenes

I guessed that Iwan was leaving before series three had even started! There was just something about the way he was in interviews...I just knew! And I'm usually always right! 

We Love you Iwan and Antonia! GOOD LUCK with all future endeavours! I know you're gonna kick ass in whatever acting jobs head your incredibly talented people!! Just don't disappear alright!?

Much Love From 'John, Grab You Anorak'...your biggest fan.

Love Naomi


The Misfits Finale!

All I have to say is Oh My God!!!!!!! But that wouldn't be a very interesting post so here it goes! What an absolutely incredible finale!?! I was in floods of tears by the end! Totally unexpected! I knew from the third episode that Simon was going to have to go back in time by the end of the series, but I was not expecting it to be such a moving and touching episode!! It was so sensitive and creative, it was the perfect ending for Simon and Alisha...because now their love will never die! In the words of Kelly, the fact that Simon is going to spend eternity making Alisha fall in love with him over and over again 'Is so fucking romantic'!! I'm tearing up just writing this!! And for all Simon-Alisha fans...we got what we were all waiting for this episode...some sexy times!! Haahaahaa!! It just wouldn't feel like misfits if they hadn't provided us with it!! So thank you!

I was expecting to really hate the Misfits writers for sending Simon back in time and killing him off...but I just can't hate them...because the Simon we all love HAS TO save the woman he loves...otherwise he wouldn't be the Simon that we all love! You see...even writing about Simon and Alisha is sending me around in loops!! I know that many of you reading this will be heart broken...but think of it this way: Simon and Alisha will always be in Misfits...somewhere out there in their little time loop falling in LOVE again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again get the idea!!

Rest In Peace Simon and Alisha
We love you!

This is dedicated to you...x

Simon&Alisha til I die 


Friday, 16 December 2011

Daily Misfix... it's been a while

It's been a long time since I've done a daily here is your first of the festive season! Enjoy!

This Sunday the misfits cast, minus Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, were out in force at the T4 stars of 2011 event held at Earls Court!!

Wow...Iwan does love his Fred Perry...they should totally hire him for their next campaign!! His practically a walking advert for them anyway! And Lauren as we all know LOVES her Paul's Boutique...they should totally hire her for a campaign as well!! Come on agents...Get these guys some modelling jobs, Misfits doesn't pay the bills all year round you know...?

Aww I love our misfits gang! So much talent going down right there. Big up!!

Catch the finale of Misfits on Sunday at 10pm! Do NOT miss it, it's gonna be a good'en!! Epic! Spectacular! Exhilarating! Incredible! Exciting! Marvellous! And lots of others words like that! Be there of be SQUARE!

Love Naomi


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

I love this.

I think that 'Cults' are quickly becoming my new favourite band!! I just love them! And I hope you will to, so check them out! Here's 'Never Heal Myself'...

Fallen in love.
Join the cult!

Love Naomi


Because there's never enough Iwan in you day!

Here's a dosage of Iwan Rheon to make you're day that little bit better than it already was...And if it hasn't been particularly great...then be rest assured this is bound to make you feel a little better...I mean how could it not!!

I thought that today's 'because there's never enough Iwan in your day' post should include some Gifs (moving images for all of you non-computer whizzes who didn't know!)...because they are super great... and I'm clueless about how to go about making I'm always impressed by those of you who can...Big up to all the creators of these!! YOU ARE FAB!!!!!

hahaha! This has to be my favourite!! I didn't think he had it in him...he's pretty good I have to say!


Look into his eyes and prepare to be mesmorized!! (I can't resist a rhyme. It had to be done)

Oh, stop it. I'm blushing.

There's also a really amusing recording of extracts from Iwan's voice overs for numerous commercials!! Check it out here if you fancy a giggle! Thanks Sheriff-Gilgun! You always come up with the goods!!

And for those of you who don't have twitter and so therefore do not follow Iwan, check out this tweet from the man himself earlier on today...

Haha!! 'Naughty' ehhh...!? What could he possibly mean!? Hahaha! Cheeky!

I'm thinking of changing the posts title to... 'Iwanny Funny' a play on the phrase 'Isn't he funny'!! What do you guys think? I rather like it! Clever right! Although, I have to admit I don't think I was the first to think of it...I think that was Lauren Socha!! Remember her series one nicknames for the cast from her BTS interview?!? Oh no wait it wasn't 'Iwanny Funny', it was 'Iwanny Fanny' Hahaha that's much better!! 

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Misfits: Simon Dons the Orange Hoody!!

(These wonderful Gifs are curtesy of Sheriff-Gilgun)

Big Up Misfits HQ...Loving the've kept it real...of course Simon puts on the Orange hoody before the body hugging black all in one number...series one superhoodie is in da house!!

'Stone Free' by Jimi Hendrix! Used in Episode 3 of the third series!! This is the song I hear in my head whenever Simon has got his superhoodie swagger on!!

Love Naomi