Saturday, 30 July 2011

This is the BIKE!

I have been wanting a bicycle for a while now and I have finally found the most beautiful and perfect bike!! It's AMAZING...

I have fallen in love with this bike!! It is TOTALLY fashion related...anybody riding this would be looking shit-hot!!

But for a wallet denting price of £500 I won't be getting this bike anytime soon! Unless...? Who needs food and a roof over their head when they've got a bike like this right?!

O well, one can dream! 

Check out this bike and many other beautiful and unaffordable bikes by clicking the above link

Love Naomi


The Bitch of Living

I remember seeing Spring Awakening at the Lyric Hammersmith back in 2009, and since getting in to Misfits (which stars my Iwan Rheon - who played Moritz in the London Cast of Spring Awakening) I have  been reminded how much I love that show!! I found this clip on Youtube, it's rare to hear a recording of the London cast rocking out...but curtesy of a cast member there are some live recordings

Amazing, I forgot how good the score is!! The full ensemble sound in the middle with all the 'ahs' and 'Oos' is pretty spectacular!!

Love Naomi


Vintage Fair

I headed on down to the vintage fair at Southbank yesterday with my friend Charlotte, and if you're a vintage clothes fan like me...then it was basically like entering HEAVEN! There were just rails and rails of the most amazing clothes, and tonnes of sunglasses and jewellery, and BAGS in a plenty! It was incredible! But it was pretty busy so to get around the whole lot will take along time! I saw lots of things that I would have happily bought if my purse had been lined with wads of cash - unfortunately it wasn't! But I did find a rather lovely necklace for £15 which I just had to have! And Charlotte bought a pretty cool teapot ring!

There are lots of other things to look at as well, it's not just all old clothes! There is a mobile cinema screening films, and some cool decked out buses to explore!!

Mobile Cinema

And my personal favourites...the vintage ice cream and fish & chip vans

And the lady in pink buying her fish & chips looks rather fabulous to I think!

The vintage fair and festival is at the Southbank/Royal Festival Hall until go and check it out!! 

Love Naomi


Dirty Sexy Things Ep 5 Preview

So the wonderful people at E4 have blessed us with another preview from next week's episode of Dirty Sexy Things! This clip doesn't include Jay indulging himself at a detox retreat (sorry Jay Fans) but it includes two of my favourite dirty sexy things Charlotte and BB! In this clip they take to the catwalk in rehearsals for a's only a 2minute long clip but for all those Dirty Sexy Things addicts get on down to the E4 website and get your fix NOW! Not long now until the fifth episode will be gracing our tele-boxes, catch it on Monday at 10pm E4! DON'T miss it, you'll regret it!

Love Naomi


Friday, 29 July 2011

Please...I NEED series 3 of Misfits like NOW!

So last night I finished watching series two of Misfits and I am now officially a MASSIVE fan! I loved it!! Especially the twist with the future Simon (Iwan Rheon) travelling through space to save the misfit gang! Future Simon is HOT!! My friend Eboni, who got me into Misfit just this Tuesday gone, told me that Simon gets together with someone in series two and my first guess was a Alisha - and she said 'No' (but I was right)! I kind of saw it coming - and I had this weird feeling when the masked figure saved Nathan on his bike in the last episode of series one that the figure was going to be Simon - but wasn't sure how either would work out!! I liked the twist! Sorry if any of you are reading this and haven't seen Misfits yet...but all I can say is GO WATCH IT NOW!! Don't miss out any longer!!

I am disappointed that Robert Sheehan won't be returning for Series three as his character Nathan - I will miss his brilliant wise cracks!! But there's a new kid on the block joining the series, Rudy! So we've got that look forward too! Plus what's going to happen now that they are all going to have new super powers!! I have a sneaky suspicion that Simon's will be the ability to time travel?! I am looking forward to see how Simon and Alisha's romance plays out (I love them - they are my favourite super hero couple. So cute)! And how will they manage to maintain the iconic orange jumpsuits now that community service is over? The excitement is killing me....I need series three of Misfits NOW!! PLEASE! Only a couple more months (I guess the bonus of coming into the series at this late stage is that I've got less time to wait to catch the new series).

As a Iwan Rheon fan, I discovered that he has a rather lovely singing voice. I remember him in Spring Awakening and he had a lovely raspy-rock voice (it was hot), but I had completely forgotten that he was a singer as well as an amazing actor! I thought I'd share his singing talents with you...check it out on facebook

Love Naomi

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Dirty Sexy Things heads to Iceland

Next weeks episode of Dirty Sexy Things sees the models head of to Iceland for a shoot! I went to Iceland two years ago and it is a really beautiful country, it was cold (you would never have guessed from its name) but very sunny - sunglasses are a must! I would definitely suggest a trip to the hot springs if you're heading out there - they're basically natural outside jacuzzis!! Amazing!

Now back to next weeks episode! Currently the only clip up on the E4 website is featuring Jay and his trip to a detox retreat...hmmm!? I'm guessing that his detox experience was prior to or after the trip to Iceland...he can't have possibly wanted to miss out on a trip abroad?! Will he finally be feeling up to the shoot this week in Iceland...I'm not might be too cold for him!! If you're a Jay fan check it out the Ep 5 clip now on the E4 website.

There are some photos up on the E4 website from the are a few that look like they are from the shoot...

They all look like Ice Queen/King material! Very Cool!

I can't wait for next week's episode! I wonder if it can knock last weeks episode off the top spot as my favourite episode?? Maybe...we'll just have to wait and see next Monday at 10pm on E4!! Don't miss it! And catch up on any episodes you've missed now on 4OD

Love Naomi


Charity Shops Rule

I headed on down to Petts Wood today, which isn't too far from where I live, and it is a rather a hot spot for charity I made sure my purse was lined with some change!!

I found a rather lovely hexagon shoulder bag and a cute little owl pin - both from Scope.

 The bag was £3.50
And the brooch was £1.50

Coming in at a respectable total of £5!! Pretty good!

(TIP: If you love charity shopping then I would definitely advise heading on down to Victoria/Pimlico - they have some of the best charity shops!)

But my favourite find was in another charity - a treasure chest of clothing patterns!! When I pointed it out to my mum, it was like she had won the lottery spending a total of £5 on patterns at 50p a pattern!! 

There are some great 1960s and 1970s classics in the selection we bought...Check them out

The following two patterns are my personal favourites
 Very 'Mad Men'

A trouser all in more words needed...the definition of COOL!

Me and my mum have set ourselves a little project for this make lots of clothes using these patterns...! I am veryexcited to be kitted out in a new hand-made wardrobe!! Exciting!!

I love them, and if you fancy making your own clothes then charity shops and Ebay are a good place to look for patterns!! Then all you need to find is some funky fabric! Get making!

Love Naomi


I love my new Birkenstocks! Thank You Mum x

So my new shoes arrived this morning curtesy of Amazon! My mum bought them for me - Thank you mummy! I've wanted them for a while so I am pretty happy with them and thought that I would share them with you!

They are my forth pair of Birkenstocks (fifth if you include the pair I donated to my mum) and I am love them...! This pair are called Bonn! They are more like a shoe than a sandal, so unlike my other pairs, these will be sticking around through to Autumn/Winter!

Love Naomi


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Happy Birthday "John, Grab You Anorak"

My Blog is One week old today!! Happy Birthday!! I can't believe I've been blogging for one whole week now...that's pretty impressive for me! And I've not missed a day...everyday I've shared the love!!

As a tribute I thought that I would post a song that was at the top of the charts when I was one week old back in 1992...

Interesting...not sure that I am a fan exactly but hey it was at the top of the charts for 8 weeks! People were loving it!

I prefer the song that was at the top of the charts today the 27 July back in 1996...

Got to love this song!! Always will be a favourite!!

Happy Birthday Blog!!

Love Naomi


Dirty Sexy Things: Get Jesse's Look

I've Been looking at the E4 website and discovered a rather interesting and amusing interview with Jesse from Dirty Sexy Things giving away his style and beauty secrets...I thought that I would share it with you guys!

Starting with Jesse's style...

 (interview is from the E4 website) 

"Sum up your personal style in one sentence
I like the whole sharp, preppy, classic thang - similar to the outfits seen in 80s American films but with skinny jeans.
High street or designer?
The best ensembles come from a bit of both; let’s be honest, wearing an entire outfit of old Prada would make you look like you’ve waltzed straight out of the nut house.
What’s your label of choice?
Can’t go wrong with a bit of Ralph Lauren, but I’m also a fan of the stuff that TopmanCosReiss and American Apparel kick out. BarbourAcneYMCM and Nudie also make me happy.
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve worn for a modelling job?
Raw fish – ‘nuff Said!
What’s the strangest thing you’ve worn of you own accord?
Raw fish
Describe the best thing in your wardrobe?
Probably my pin stripe grey suit, by some obscure brand that I got from one of those teeny tiny vintage places in Camden. It is lovely and fits me as if the world’s best tailor got his hands on it. That or a turquoise cashmere cable knit jumper that the girlfriend brought me back from New York. Now, that is saucy.
Tell us about your favourite look from the Dirty Sexy Things photoshoots
Wearing nothing but nut huggers running around the city is not only a styling highlight for me, but will be a story I’ll be telling very late in life.

Who’s the best dressed of the Dirty Sexy Things?
BB hands down. He always looks immaculate; very clean cut. If you haven’t guessed already I have a slight guy crush on him.
Finally, what’s your ultimate style rule?
Baggy jeans just don’t happen, (sorry Rob). V neck jumpers with nothing underneath makes me feel a little ill. Cheap black shoes with pale jeans are also embarrassing. There’ll be those who are very against my style too, but I think its best to wear what you want and feel gooooood."

And now for his Beauty secrets (judging by the oodles of beauty he possesses I'm expecting some amazing tips)

(interview is from the E4 website)

"Are you a soap and water kind of person, or do you have a dedicated cleansing routine?
I had the ‘worst case of acne my dermatologist had ever seen’. Not a title I shout about, but I do think that it was strangely good for me and taught me a lot. I took the infamous Roactutane drug, and now I have a religious routine using the brand Simple's face wash, exfoliant and moisturiser: job done. I think its important to stick to one product; many often change their product, thinking they’re useless, never giving any a chance and not allowing their skin to adapt.
Which products do you swear by?
SoftSheen Carson Sportin Waves: Strong Hold Pomade - this hair wax is the shizit andBumble & bumble have got hair products pretty down. Oh and superglue with orange zest - rub it on my chest every morning.
Do you have a signature makeup look?
Slap my face and walk out the door
Any beauty disasters?
Fluffy hair is probably as bad as it gets, I don’t have a lot of variables to go wrong really
Would you say less is more – or is the thought of baring all your worst nightmare?
GET NAKED! If you don’t like what you’ve got, sort it out."

Some really useful advice there from Jesse. My personal favourite 'slap your face and walk out the door' - if only life was that simple for me. Now, I thought that I would answer the same questions and share my style and beauty tips with you...

Style File

Sum up your personal style in one sentence
I really hate this question! Lets just say feminine yet boyish, colourful and fun, experimental yet smart, and totally fearless!

High street of designer?
I don't really have the money to treat myself too regularly to designer labels, so I would have to say high street. But one day I hope to have a few more designer pieces hanging in my wardrobe.

What's your label of choice?
Topshop - because they have a really good petite section for people like me who stand at under 5ft 3". However I also wear and love Uniqlo and American Apparel.

What's the strangest thing you've worn of your own accord?
A Wombles costume.

Describe the best thing in your wardrobe
Hmm...tough question! I'd probably have to say a shirt that I picked up from a vintage's from the 1970s and it's bright yellow with owls all over it...I LOVE it!!

What's your ultimate style rule?
Well I have a few...Firstly, my biggest pet hate is lace up boots which have zips on the sides... it's lazy footwear! Never never tuck jeans into socks...! Never wear double denim where the denim almost matches but not quite - it should either match or be two completely different shades. Don't wear green and red together unless it's christmas. Never wear cargo trousers - they should have been binned in 1999 - before we reached the new millenium. Oh! and I hate it when a cardigan is longer than a coat or jacket and it hangs out the bottom.


Are you a soap and water kind of person, or do you have a dedicated cleansing regime?
Dedicated cleansing regime. My face has to be washed twice a day in the morning and before bed. I swear by Simple and Neutrogena's grapefruit cleanser (it smells great and it works too).

Which products do you swear by?
For my hair Tresemme shampoos and conditioners, and their no water foam shampoo is great for when you're staying at a friends house or are in a rush in the morning. Make up wise I swear by Benefit for my face and Urban Decay for my eyes...nothing else will do! Although, I do rely on Maybelline for mascara - Great Lash rocks.

Do you have a signature make up look?
The 1960s flick on my eyes is a favourite combined with a colourful shade of urban decay, and blush is a must!

Any beauty disasters?
If my hair has been straightened and it rains that's a rather horrendous disaster. Oh and my natural hair is curly so the wind is pretty destructive - I end up with bird's nesting in it by the end of the day. Make up...never put it on in the dark or in a really bright room - you will always put on too much and look like
a clown.

Would you say less is more, or is the thought of baring all your worst nightmare?
Honestly, my worst nightmare.

Hope this has been useful and insightful. If neither mine or Jesse's tips have floated your boat why not answer the same questions and send them to me and I'll publish the best!

Love Naomi



Rather late I know but I was introduced to the E4 series Misfits yesterday...and discovered that I have majorly been missing out!! I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was incredibly witty and funny...and they all have super powers!! Oh yeah...and Robert Sheehan (who plays Nathan) is definitely pleasant on the eye...

He has been well and truly gifted with the Irish Charm

His character Nathan is hilarious and he has some of the best lines ever written for television (in my opinion)!!

I also have a rather soft spot for Iwan Rheon (who plays socially awkward Simon). I saw him back in 2009 in Spring Awakening at the Lyric Hammersmith, and was sold on his talent from then...and he's not too bad looking either

His character is the definition of socially awkward...I'm left with nothing more to say but "Awww. He's cute"

The rest of the cast are all incredibly well casted and the parts are all well written. I am only half way through the first I still have a bit of catching up to do...but I am enjoying it so far!! And I definitely think the orange jump suits are a trend...worthy of fashion related status I think...

I think that Iwan Rheon is wearing it rather well indeed...buttoned to the top! Now cut off the sleeves and add some yellow (because I personally think that orange and yellow are a great combo) in the form of some desert boots and a bow tie, and then complete finally with a rather lovely blazer. NOW it's fashion related right?

Why not try it out. Although, I wouldn't advise purposefully committing a crime and being sentenced to community service just to get your hands on an orange jump suit...I'm sure that there are some fan versions available online or you could just substitute with an orange shirt and some jeans (preferable)!! 

If like me you've been out of the loop or just want to watch it again, catch up on Series One and Two of misfits on 4OD  

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 26 July 2011


My blog has it's own new photographer, her photos appeared in my previous post (Trashy Accessories) it's my good friend Eboni Dixon!! When ever possible I will ask her to photograph for my blog...because as you can see from previous example my photography is rather pants!!

If you like her photographs follow her on twitter @ebonidixon

Thank You Eboni




Trashy Accessories

I spent another afternoon with my good friend Eboni today...visiting her new house. And we spent some time checking out the communal garden/couple of acres she has out back (and tennis court...rather posh) and was inspired to get back to nature and trail the grass for some of natures (and humans) finest treasures and turn them into something new and fantastic...Basically turning trash into something that almost resembles jewellery...

But before that I just wanted to show off one of my favourite photographs from today...which best shows off my corduroy shorts...

I think that they are rather lovely! Even if I do say so myself!

Now to the main Article:

(honest, I didn't just pick rubbish up off the floor and photograph it...)

Here is what I found on my exploration...

Recycling Time

Now for the fun part...turning all this junk into beautiful (hmmm I will let you be the judge of that) jewellery, modelled by me and photographed by Eboni 

A Classic...
Daisy Chains

 You just can't go wrong with a daisy chain

Hair piece Made by: mother nature

Bottle Caps...
Another classic and common find
 Stella Artois and Peroni...classy

Made from:
My gold chain (it's real gold gift from the granny) and bottle caps all found amongst the grass - kindly donated by un-named persons 

I didn't do this - but to fasten the bottle caps to the chain I would buy some links from a haberdashery (John Lewis has a good one) and make some holes in the bottle caps.

Tinsel string 
 Used to make rather lovely DM shoe laces...But they didn't last long...bit flimsy 
Made from: gold tinsel string found amongst the grass

Feather Hair Piece
It looks really very classic...1920s flapper-esc 
Made from: feathers again found amongst the grass donated by a bird (although, hopefully not a pigeon), hair clip is my own (from boots)

Now for my personal favourite...

The Slinky Brooch

Made from:
Wire found amongst grass - previously a slinky, fastened with hair pin also found amongst grass

I think it looks rather expensive for something made of trash from the floor!! I would wear it again!

I had lots of fun exploring the ground for other people's trash and finding fun ways to wear it!! Although, I wouldn't advise picking flowers to make daisy chains using any other flowers but daisies... and other wild flowers! No destroying any neighbours gardens alright?

And another note, be careful what you pick up...don't touch anything that doesn't look safe...wash your hands after

Why not get down the local park and make your own's fun, it's free and if you don't like it you can throw it away...

Love Naomi