Wednesday, 31 August 2011

DAILY MISFIX! this one is exciting!!

So finally the guys down at E4 have given us a date for the release of the online short revealing Nathan's exit and new guy Rudy's entrance! This is the day I've been waiting for...confirmation of the date!! And to confirm it's SEPTEMBER 15 2011 on the E4 misfits website!! This is majorly EXCITING!! Not only that but it seems that Misfits will be hitting our screens a little earlier this series round quote: 'Misfits returns to E4 in October' OMG!! October!! That is good news!! No, not good...great news, amazing news, spectacular news!!

If you don't believe me check it out for yourselves at the E4 Misfits website...NOW!!

I cannot wait for September 15!! And then...bring on OCTOBER!

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Here's you're Daily Misfix

I am starting to think that Mr Iwan Rheon only possesses one shirt, granted it is a very nice shirt but he appears to be wearing it in almost every interview... Here is the evidence to prove it...

Example 1: A photograph from his gig on Saturday Night

Here is the shirt in's a polo shirt, it's Fred Perry and's in the wonderfully fashion fabulous autumn/winter 2011 shade of wine!!

Nice Gibson!

Here it is again...

And again...

And AGAIN...

granted the above three are from the same day but here is is AGAIN and this is not defo not the same day...different hair-do!!

And oh there it is again...

This is getting a little ridiculous...but here it is again

He's even wearing it in an episode of Misfits...

And here it is again in a tweet from a fellow Spring Awakening Cast member...

Does this all sound a bit familiar...? It must be the Hermione Granger Syndrome...remember this post...

That infamous pink hoodie!!

Only, his love for his polo shirt seems to trump Hermione's love for that hoodie!

Ok so maybe he has more than one of the same shirt because he loves it so much!! It is an awesome colour!! I mean can you ever have too much of a good thing? In this case I will let you decide for the answer: YES you can, it's a bit obsessive and possibly a little trampy and high time he gets a new shirt, OR NO way, it's completely normal, he's found the shade that works with his skin tone and he's sticking with it?  

Either way, he's hot so I don't really mind! It was just an observation!

Love Naomi


The Ultimate Dirty Sexy 'Koople'

Found these on the web and thought that I would share them with you! Fans of Jesse from DST look away if you were under the illusion that he was a singleton...HOT girlfriend alert... introducing Mrs Jesse Burgess AKA Sai Bennett!

I didn't really believe that the kooples really did photograph real couples (just used a hell of a lot of reals there)...the couples were always way too attractive! But hey when it's a koople of models what else could you expect!

I love these photographs!! And my god there's a hell of a lot of gorgeous going on in this relationship! Cute couple though!

Love Naomi


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Very Berry

So guess what? A couple of weeks or so back I predicted that wine (if you want to get more specific maybe... berry, bordeaux, claret, mulberry etc...but I like WINE) would be a big trend this autumn winter...

Remember that

Well, well, well... look what Topshop have just emailed me...

Explaining that...
So hey it looks like you best get out there and start collecting and making some space in your wardrobes for autumn/winter, specifically items of the wine (berry...whatever) spectrum! It's a must...Topshop said so...! And more importantly I said so...!

Love Naomi


Daily Misfix!

Is anyone lucky to be heading into London Town this evening to see our  favourite Misfit Iwan Rheon playing a gig at the Bowery? I was planning on going but my fellow misfit fanatics were all busy and I didn't fancy hanging out at a gig on my lonesome! Shameful I know...I should have made the effort even if it meant going alone! I guess it will be a night in with the X-factor tonight instead! No where near as good as getting to see Iwan Rheon live in the flesh...I am insanely jealous of all you guys going tonight!!

Here's a song to cheer me up...

Daily Misfix over...the song says it all! A voice to die for! Beautiful, I wish I was Catrin Stewart (the girlfriend)...lucky girl! That is if they're still an item (*wishful thinking)

Love Naomi


Friday, 26 August 2011

Dirty Sexy Things the Finale

So it's time for my final write up of this series of Dirty Sexy Things! Boohoo...I've been putting it off for the last couple of days because it's just so's the end of an era (well not quite...)! But it is pretty damn sad, how ever will E4 find a replacement for the 10pm Monday slot...? 'The 50 greatest Plastic Surgery Shockers' I hear you say...Ahhhh! that's not fit for replacing DST our favourite model following show! Oh what has the world come to? Lucky for us the last episode in the series of Dirty Sexy Things was a cracker of an episode! It was jam packed of goodies to tide us over for a while! And if you're starting to suffer from a DST shaped hole in you hearts...then make sure you follow the models on twitter if you're not already doing so!

So Perou's shoot saw the gang spend the night at a country manner to get them in the mood for the 1930s aristocratic style shoot! It was never going to be a good idea inviting Jay...he has a one track mind well a two track (with anything that moves it would appear with a list of 135 people...that is totally shameful...triple figures at the mere age of 21...not something I would be admitting on television...) and boose!! If there is drink around Jay will sniff it out and drink the place dry, and this was no exception! He got himself again in a little trouble with Mr BB, Note to Jay: don't mess with his girl! Sweet! I wouldn't mess with BB if I was Jay! He's a pretty model...but he looks like he could throw a punch!

Aside from Jay's drunk and disorderly behaviour, the gang had some fun playing dress up with the thoughtfully provided dressing up trunk... looks like a Mat Hatter's tea party!

Loving the pink wig Ocean

Jay was enthusiastic to meet up with the gang again after the show...aww how sweet!? Shame Jessye B didn't feel the same! Hmmm...things she's a little more picky with the company she choses to keep...sorry Jay it's not you it's...nah I think it is you this time!

The shot saw the return of Perou's arch nemesis (bit harsh...but fair I think) Ariella!! What was he thinking? Well, it was his last chance to rub her up the wrong way and have his fun! Proposing another nude shoot...imagine Ariella's face: PRICELESS! Just kidding Ariella! 

The gang looked fabulous in their aristocratic attire...very dapper and handsome from the guys and sophisticated from the girls...

And as for the final photograph to go into Perou's exhibition...just gorgeous

Perou is a bit of alright with his camera! Love this shot.. think it's my favourite!!

As for the exhibition overall, it was only Charlotte, BB and Ocean who made it in for solo shots which was incredibly disappointing for Jesse! He worked hard every single week and he was there for pretty much all of Perou's shoots but just missed out every time! Aww he's such a sweetie and he really does take really great photographs!! So in dedication to Jesse, as he has been voted John, Grab Your Anorak's ultimate Dirty Sexy Thing I thought I'd post all of his solo shots from the previous weeks...

What a pro!

Jay was also disappointed not to make it into the exhibition with a solo shot! But to be fair he wasn't there for most of them so he had a lot ass kissing to do to make it up with Perou...which to be fair he did but I think it was just a little too late!!

As a subplot BB had a big career decision to make this episode!! Go to Paris for fashion week and start trying to raise his profile, or go to Australia on a dancing gig which is all inclusive and pretty good money! Tough decision! In order to become the first black supermodel he needs to be seen, but he also needs survive!! In the end he decided to take the gig in Australia! And it was lovely to see Charlotte accompany him to the airport to see him off! They're really cute together...hope it lasts!! 

Well, that's it for the first series of Dirty Sexy Things!! It's been a fun journey (err what a cheesy word) and it's been great getting to know the models and getting a taster of the model life style! I would just like to say good luck to all the models in their future endeavours and maybe, if we're lucky, they'll be second series on the cards!! We'll just have to wait and see...

Love Naomi


Daily Misfix!

Oh yeah it's that time again...time for you daily portion of misfits!! And today I've got an interview for you...with Iwan and's pretty damn hilarious!! Check it out...

Iwan is defo a little on the tipsy side...and the noise he makes after 'exhilarating' had me in stitches for quite some time!! Tipsy Iwan is funny!!

I hope that this has tided you misfiters over for the time being!! 

Love Naomi


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Vintage Shopping in Edinburgh

Well I'm back guys! Sorry to have neglected the blog whilst I've been hanging out in Edinburgh, but I am now back in London and ready to get back into my blogging! So first of all I just wanted to say another thank you to all of you who voted on my poll to determine your favourite dirty sexy thing...the winner was Jesse if you didn't already know and the award is in the post and on his way to him as we speak (well technically...type not speak)! Hopefully he will receive it tomorrow or Saturday! Fingers crossed it reaches Storm management in one piece...

Back to the bonnie land of Scotland...I was happy to discover some great vintage and charity shops during! Edinburgh has some treasure troves if you like wearing second hand! My favourite shop (sorry I can't remember the name) was packed to the brim with clothing from all eras and reasonable prices too...what more could you ask for! I found these rather adorable gold metallic shoes, for the rather reasonable price of £8...BARGAIN!!

I love them and they have the perfect size heal to wear during the day! And for £8 you just can't go wrong really...

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

And the Winner is...


I am pleased to anounce that the winner of my poll to decide your favourite dirty sexy thing is Mr Jesse Burgess! Thank you to the 39 of you who voted for your Ultimate Dirty Sexy Thing here on my blog!! The winner will receive the award that I made...

Which will be customised with the Jesse's name
And not to forget the day of posts that shall be dedicated to Jesse once I am back home in London from sometime later this week...I will keep you posted

I would also like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jesse for yesterday! And just another well done for being my favourite...and many others favourite this series! You may not have made it into Perou's exhibition with a solo shot, but you have defo been fashion fabulous every week and not to mention you aways gave good face...and boy can you take a good photograph! So congratulations to our 2011 Ultimate Dirty Sexy Thing Jesse Burgess!!

Love Naomi


Monday, 22 August 2011

Daily Misfix

Just thought that as it has been a while since you misfiters have had a daily misfix I thought that I would give you a double dosage! A lovely photograph from Antonia curtesy of her twitter...

 Aww...I wish I was part of their gang!

And check out the lattitude interview with the gang from last month curtesy of BAFTA! Lots of laughs to be had with the gang...and the new kid on the block Joe Gilgun is a joker...

Hope this little misfix surfices for the moment

Love Naomi


The Last Ever Dirty Sexy MONDAY

So it is that time again guys...Dirty Sexy Monday!! And not only that but it's the last Dirty Sexy Monday EVER - for this series at least! This is a sad day for DST fans, Monday nights will never be the same again! We shall be in mourning! However, if you have twitter and would like to see the return of another series of Dirty Sexy Things make sure you sign the twitition NOW!! If you're name isn't on there you can't call yourself a true DST fanatic, but you can possibly keep a little of your street cred! But i advise all DST fans it's time to come out of the closet you're hiding in and pronounce your love loud and proud! And get voting on my blog for your favourite Dirty Sexy thing! You've only got until 11pm this evening after the show finishes on E4! And as soon as I return home from Scotland tomorrow eve the beautiful award...


Will be straight in the post and on it's way to the winner...! So make sure it's your favourite who will be receiving it via first class mail!

Love Naomi


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Tudor Attire

Today me and my good friend Merlin took a trip on down to Stirling Castle, to see the beautiful historical sights! Well...I've already been several times in my 19 years but Merlin couldn't leave Scotland without seeing a bit of Stirling's's not all about the Edinburgh Fringe you know!! There's lots to look at and some amazing views...but I have to say my favourite bit was the dressing up room hands down...Check out the pictures of us dressed up like tudors (*cough TWATS)...

Wacky Tudor Hippie (I'm pretty sure they didn't have sunglasses back then)

Someone wants to be Keira Knightly

Don't steal my hat...please's Henry VIII back from the dead

Thought that I would share these with it or not!!
I think that we look pretty cool! I became very attached to that jacket, but don't think I could have got away with walking out with it!! I defo think we could see tudor fashion becoming a bit of a trend this winter maybe (or not...)

Love Naomi


Dirty Sexy Things the Finale Preview

So the kind folks down at E4 have kindly provided us with two preview clips of tomorrows final instalment of Dirty Sexy Things! The first includes some Charlotte-Jay bonding time over a trunk of dressing up clothes! So maybe she's forgiven him for his inappropriate comment at her birthday meal in last weeks ep...but as she says you can always rely on Jay for a laugh...! And it seems Jay is very much up for continuing the laughs with the gang after the show finishes...Jessye B on the other hand is more picky about which company she will be keeping after the show...Jay lets just say I don't think you'll be getting an invite to her Christmas party...sorry!

The second clip gives us an insight into this weeks shoot and we see the return of Ariella!! hmm...I thought Perou vowed never to shoot her again, he must have had a change of heart! Or just couldn't miss out on winding her up one last time!! Jesse is looking fabulous as per-usual in this shoot - you can always rely on him to give good face - along with the beautiful Charlotte!! The shoot sees the models dressed to the 9s in 1920s aristocratic chic! Very dapper! Very much looking forward to seeing the finished photograph!

But here's some extra's curtesy of E4

Episode 8

Episode 8 

Tune in tomorrow at 10pm on E4 to catch the final episode! How ever will we cope without DST in our lives...Big Brother and X factor just won't surfice for me..

Get voting for who you want to win the Ultimate Dirty Sexy Thing Award now in my Poll! Top right of my blog!! At the moment Jesse is streaking ahead and with only one day left to get votuing if he's not your favourite or even if he is, put him even further in the lead!!

Love Naomi


Friday, 19 August 2011

Dirty Sexy Things Episode 7

So I am in the bonnie land of Scotland, living it large at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Having a great time, but unfortunately it has meant that I have neglected my blog for the last couple of days! And also means that this weeks write up of your favourite model following show - Dirty Sexy Things - is coming to you rather late! Sorry! But without further ado lets get bloody well on with was a corker of an episode!

So, this week's Ep was the penultimate - which means we only have one more episode left (that wasn't me trying to be patronising) boohoo how ever will I spent my Monday evenings... (suggestions)? But luckily for us if episode 7 is anything to go by there will be lots crammed into this finale of an episode to tide us over for a while at least...!

This week was very much about Perou's underwater shoot - which saw the gang (well those who weren't otherwise committed or too chicken) 6 metres deep in a water tank...scary! But that was nothing compared to the sight of Jesse fully frontal naked on our telly screens (let me explain for those of you who haven't watched this weeks episode or who have absolutely no bloody idea what the hell I am talking about because they don't watch the show...shame on you)! So in preparation for the underwater shoot Perou sent the gang to a nudist colony...(just kidding) a still life drawing class - as the models not the ones doing the drawing unfortunately...I was dying to see how they handled a paintbrush - to get comfortable with the whole being nude thing before being sent to the deep depths of a water tank where there's no going back! Charlotte, Rob and BB opted for the more tasteful or as I like to call it...the 'you can leave your hat on' option of keeping there pants ON, whilst Jesse has NO fears when it comes to baring all and opted for fully nude!! Surprise surprise, Jay wasn't happy about baring all in front of a group of complete strangers one bit and spent most of the time complaining about having to do it before actually opting to do it...and fully naked...and with props (nobody else had a chair...what a DIVA)!!

Not only did the gang have to bare all in from of a group of stranger art students - but then they had to go and have a mdeical and have a stranger doctor probing them and SURPSRISE SURPRISE Jay wasn't happy about it! You're a model get over it mate! Anyway, they all passed the test - yes... even 31 year old Jay's smoker lungs - and were given the all clear to dive!! YAY I hear you cry, but some of the models probably wish they hadn't! The shoot was basically torture really...6 metres deep underwater, only an oxygen tank providing the air intermitantly, with your foot tied to the bottom of this tank!! Scary stuff! Not suprisingly the models got a little flustered! However, surprising Jay had no complaints and was rather comfortable in the water and even actually took a rather great photograph! But even more suprisingly BB didn't...he struggled underwater and Perou was unable to get a good shot! Poor BB he wasn't in his element down there at all! However, Charlotte most definitely was...she was a ocean godess in the water and her photo was going straight in the exhibtion and well deserving too...

 Week seven
 Just beautiful!

Jesse this week got rather flustered underwater...what with all the long locks of blonde hair he had on his head I'm not surprised! If you're not used to long hair it's a NIGHTMARE honestly!! But he managed to take a rather great photograph despite the hair fiasco! He's a talented thing! And he did it looking like Rocky from the Rocky Horror Picrture Show which is hot! Rob on the otherhand looked like something out of the flintstones! Unfortunately no photographs as proof of this!!

All in all a rather interesting shoot! Not an experience I think the models will be in a rush to repeat anytime soon! However, in other Ep 7 news Jesse didn't get the T4 presenter job but he did however get the Freshly Squeezed presenting job! Which is a T4 morning show, and it has lots to do with music so I think it'll be a great platform for his band and his presenting career so well done Jesse!! 

And in other news Rob will not be moving to Milan with his Girlfriend! They decided it was a stupid idea after all work for glamour model Ana and overall it would cost far too much!!

Then there was Charlotte's birthday! I have already said rather a lot about this in other posts...basically BB organised for the gang to all strip tease for Charlotte! This episode was all rather about the clothes being well and truly off this week! Those with a nervous dispostion who have not yet watched episode 7 consider giving it a miss! However, if you enjoy the sight of half naked models with glued on moustaches (quite literally for BB who used adhesive glue to attach his) dancing like battery chickens then this is definitely the show for you!! The birthday meal however, was turned sour by a rather crude 'fucking' comment from Jay! He doesn't know how to be subtle at all, talk about foot in mouth disease but he just asked the question we'd all been wondering...are Charlotte and BB engaging to intermate relations?! No answer to that question then...?

Episode 7 was definitely a treat for all us DST fans, and I can't wait for episode 8 on monday even though it will be bitter sweet what with it being the last episode! But hey, we'll be able to re-watch them all on 4OD...well until they decide to take them down! And we can follow the gang on twitter! So it's not the end of the world, just the end of the way we know our Monday eveings! But please get voting on my poll to determin who is your favourite Dirty Sexy Thing...and they will recieve my hand made award in the post first class of course! At the moment Jesse is still get voting if you want to change that, or even want to keep it the same! The poll is on the top right hand side of me blog! VOTE...pretty pretty please

Love Naomi


Monday, 15 August 2011

The Ultimate Dirty Sexy Thing Award

Seeing as it's Dirty Sexy Monday and I am off to Scotland tomorrow for a week, I decided that today was finally the time to put on my arts and crafts hat and spend the afternoon making the award for the winner of my Dirty Sexy Things poll...

Presenting... The Ultimate Dirty Sexy Thing award...

I'm rather proud of the results of my hard days work!!

You get to decide who will be presented with this rather 'fabulous' home made award - the equivalent of an Oscar in the modelling world (ha) - so get voting!! Will it be Jesse, Charlotte, Ocean, BB, Jessye B, Jay, Rob or Ariella? Currently Jesse is the front runner, followed by Charlotte but you can change that!! You've got until 11pm on the 22nd August to vote! So vote now...pretty please x

Love Naomi


Daily Misfix

OMG to all you misfits fans this is rather exciting...a photo of a cast read through of series 3 curtesy of the E4Misfits twitter taken today!! I nearly fell off my chair when I read their tweet!! Exciting to see the cast hard at work...I just don't know how I'm going to contain my excitement from now until November?! I just hope that the online short containing Nathan's exit from the show and a trip to Las Vegas (hmmm will Simon and Alisha be there too I wonder?) Just typing about it is making me excited!!!!! So I'll just share the photo with you...

This is too exciting...I may explode

Iwan is looking very fashion related on the end! He has a great sense of style...very much like his character! Smart, neat, buttoned to the top and polished off with a great pair of deserts!

And the new character Rudy is on the other end played by Joe Gilgun of This is England fame...

Not too dissimilar from Simon's mod-esc 80s inspired look, especially that hair cut on the right

Love Naomi


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Happy Again

Iwan Rheon has the most beautiful voice!! I really hope we get to hear him sing in the next series of most Television Comedy dramas I think the third series is about high time we see the cast in a musical misfits episode!? What do you think? I loved the Buffy Musical episode when I was younger, and the Two pints of larger and a packet of crisps musical special was awfully good too! So why not would be a brilliant 2011 Christmas special me thinks...Misfits creator Howard Overman if you're reading this think about it!!

But in the mean time lets listen to the beautiful tones of Iwan's voice

Doesn't this just make you feel happy again! 

Love Naomi


Dirty Sexy Things Tomorrow Eve!!

So it's the penultimate episode of Dirty Sexy Things tomorrow evening! The series is speeding towards it's close unfortunately!! But we do still have two dirty sexy fun filled hours left! So don't be too down heartened just yet!

And tomorrow it's the shoot that they've kept teasing us with...the underwater shoot! FINALLY! So it looks like the models are fulfilling a life's dream of becoming mermaids...minus the cool Ariel like tail and minus the ability to breath underwater!? Oh right...well that sounds like tough work actually! Rather them than me! Ahh well...All in a days work eh models...?

Take a peek at some photos curtesy of E4

"HELP...this is just an excuse to grab my...flesh"

Jesse makes underwater posing look easy

Beautiful Charlotte...with more hair than usual

You know what...Jay is proving to actually be a rather good model!

It's all for fashion eh Perou?

Other than holding their breaths for a really long time whilst wearing very little...and some how trying to follow unintelligible underwater bubble instructions from Perou what else do the gang get up to!!

Well it's Charlotte's Birthday and the gang find them selves again wearing very little except some underwear and stick on moustaches (no joke)... and this time not under Perou's instructions...hmmm

Are you sure this wasn't  your idea Charlotte... 

Ooo...Maybe not then...!

As well as all this barely clothed fun, we see a Jesse's band lux perform!! Yes Jesse fans...the moment you've all been waiting for!! 

He's not just a pretty face! He has a pretty nice voice as well!

Check out his music if you haven't already HERE

And maybe you're one of the lucky one's who'll be missing tomorrow nights Episode in order to catch a live performance curtesy of Lux at Soho House! Think it's SOLD OUT now why not just stay in and catch this weeks Ep eh?

Tune in tomorrow at 10pm on E4, it's the only way to spend a Monday night in! 

And dirty sexy things fans get voting for your favourite DST model on my poll NOW! It's up the top right hand side of my blog!! 

Love Naomi