Sunday, 7 August 2011

Get Misfits Simon Bellamy's look

So I thought that seeing as series three of Misfits is heading our way this autumn, and as there is very little out there to keep us fanatics tied over until then - I thought I'd give all you Simon fans - like me - a little fix!

I decided that I would put together a Simon Bellamy inspired outfit!! He has a totally awesome sense of style, and I think all guys should take a leaf out of his book! He's a bit of a young Ian Curtis some would say!

Get the look...

Levis Denim Jacket

Black Hoodie Topman

Grey Shirt Topman

Black Chinos Topman

Sand Desert Boots Clarks

Briefcase curtesy of Mulberry (if you're feeling like splashing the cash)

Here's Simon (with Alisha - awww I love them) sporting a very similar outfit

Get a neat haircut and give the smart look a try! You could look as 'uncool' as Simon...I promise! 

Like this post, why not check out Simon Bellamy's Playlist! You'll be another step closer to being as 'uncool' as your favourite misfit! 

Love Naomi


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