Friday, 30 September 2011

Daily Misfix!

OMG!! This is breaking news...wait for it...Iwan Rheon has a new shirt!! Yes, I have found a picture of him in Rome at the Rome Fiction Fest wearing something other than that Fred Perry Polo!! Shock Horror! The Polo must have been in the wash!! Take a look...

"Nice cardigan" - Nathan Young (Misfits, series one, episode 6)

I know what you're thinking! Because I was also thinking it when I first saw this that a woman's cardigan?? It looks rather like it is!! Iwan, hats of to you...well done for branching out, shaking it up, finally wearing a new shirt...or should I say cardigan...but I'm just not sure about this look!? A cardigan buttoned to the top, without any sign of a t-shirt underneath is...I'm just not sure what it is!! It's got a round neck as well!! it's Iwan, I will let him off - he always look hot...even in woman's cardigans??! I'll put this fashion choice down to the Roman air and a serious lack of clean clothes! But seriously until I see the male models in GQ rocking this look, I'm going to have to add this to the fashion confiscated pile!! 

Love Naomi


Look What I found!

On my journey home, I picked up a copy of the Evening Standard - which was lying on the seat opposite mine, and after flicking through it I noticed that somebody had completed the crossword and the sudoku on the back page! I was rather impressed, and it it struck me how fascinating it is that somebody else had read this paper before me, and maybe even someone before them, and someone before them etc etc...! It was weird because I remember as I picked the paper up I noticed how worn it looked, and the first thought I had many people had read it before me!!

I've never had the patience to complete the Evening Standard's crossword or the I thought I would keep it as a memento, and share it with you guys!

Love Naomi


Thursday, 29 September 2011

There's that Shirt again!

You lucky things, here is yet another misfix...your second of the day! It's a very short post but I just had to share this with you!! Do you you remember a post of mine a couple of weeks ago, in which I documented Iwan Rheon's obsessive attachment to a particular shirt?

Remember this particular number! The wine coloured Fred Perry polo! 

Well, it seems that Iwan's favourite shirt is still a favourite and he has been seen wearing it whilst in Rome at the Rome Fiction Fest 2011!!

He can't get enough of this shirt!! It must have sentimental value!! Let's just hope he washes it frequently!!

Love Naomi


Daily Misfix!

Against the odds, I have managed to produce a daily Misfis today! I was going to write up my reviews for 'The Fades' and 'Fresh Meat' this evening, however, due to the hot weather I feel asleep as soon as I got instead I thought what the hell, I may have given you two Misfixes yesterday but why's another!! And my reviews on episode two of both 'The Fades' and 'Fresh Meat' will follow tomorrow!! So here it is your daily Misfix despite my doubts...I managed it!! I wouldn't let you down!

Did you catch Iwan Rheon's appearance in 'Secret Diary of A Call Girl' earlier this year? If the answer is no...then you are in luck, here it is especially for you! And if the answer is yes...then you are also in luck, here is, especially for you...AGAIN! Enjoy...

HAHAHA!! Brilliant!! Iwan Rheon in a very awkward position! Hilarious! He's got the 'uncomfortable-awkward-apologetic' face down to a 'T'! Love him!!

That's it!! Daily misfix over! I know what you're thinking - the Misfixes seem a little Iwan Rheon heavy at the moment!? Well, yes...that is true!! But that's because he is an extremely talented actor and...ahhh who I am I's because he's HOT!! And I know I shouldn't have favourites...but yes, he is my favourite misfit! Is Simon also your favourite, or not? Why not get voting on my poll to decide who's you favourite? It will literally take a few seconds!

Love Naomi


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Here's another Misfix!

Misfits fans it's your lucky day misfixes in one day!! How extraordinary eh? Well, seeing as today is Wednesday - the greatest day in the world...the day I was born - I thought what the hell, lets give my readers two for the price of one...hmmm...? Not entirely true... the other reason being that tomorrow will be a pretty busy day what with my reviews on episode 2 of 'The Fades' and 'Fresh Meat' coming out - plus I have my writing course to attend in the afternoon. So rather then let you down tomorrow I thought I would provide you with tomorrow's misfix today, if you would rather save it for tomorrow then go ahead and read NO FURTHER!! I look after my Misfits fans don't I!! it is!!

If like me you never caught Iwan Rheon in Simon Amstell's Grandma's House, then here is the clip... It is rather an awkward, curl your toes cringey way!! Iwan is wonderful as always - you talented being you, LAMDA trained him well...however, he is getting a bit of a reputation for playing the awkward, shy guy...but hey, he does it very very well indeed!!

Recognise who Iwan was parodying here (it says it in the youtube title I big give away)?? Yes none other than RADA trained Ben Whishaw...from 'Pefume' fame and recent BBC2 drama 'The Hour'

That's him! I think Iwan did a rather good job, he got the mannerisms down! Why not compare for yourself...

That's it for your daily misfixes today! Hope they were enjoyable, and you never know maybe tomorrow will bring another despite my doubts! 

Love Naomi


Daily Misfix!

Ok, so I thought that I would share a song with you as today's misfix! It's from series one of Misfits episode 5! It's used during Simon's most stalkerish moment in the series - when he is invisible inside Sally's flat! A little weird I know but it's such a beautiful scene, and I would put a lot of the credit down to the song used...(and Iwan Rheon of course)!! Well done again to the guys down at Misfits HQ, you yet again proved your brilliant taste in music...Here it is - Delicate by Damien Rice

It's such a beautiful song. I could listen to it over and over!

Love Naomi


Are you a fan of MIC AKA Made in Chelsea?

Are you a fan of Made In Chelsea? Can't wait for the next episode...need something MIC related to do to tide you over until next Monday? Why not check out...Rosie's Fashion blog? I had a little look yesterday, and there are some interesting things on there...she has some good connections being a Chelsea girl eh?? But she has nothing on 'John, Grab Your Anorak' right? 

Rosie's Blog: At Fashion Forte

And why not purchase this months Attitude magazine to catch a glimpse of Francis and Fredrik in the photos from their tug-of-war shoot...

Still not enough...then why not add the cast on twitter, most if not all have a twitter account, and it's amusing to see what they're getting up to...considering that they have obviously already finished filming series 2...hmmmm? There may be a few spoilers...

Add them if you have a twitter account, and expand the MIC fun!! 

Love Naomi


I applied for a job Today

So...I applied for a job today at American Apparel! I have no chance of getting the job due to never having had a job before...this is the vicious circle I live in!! But hey, at least I have tried...I seriously need toe money!! They ask you to submit a photograph of yourself along with your application for, and I thought I would share my 4 looks with you that I submitted...

Firstly...lets go Casual, for everyday wear

Shirt: Hand-me-down from my Daddy
Shorts: Levis from Rokit
Belt: My mama's
Shoes: Office
Bag: Flee market in Iceland (the country not the food store)
Necklaces: Long chain - gift from Granny, Other - Vintage fair Southbank 2011 

And next...Smart casual (self explanatory - a look which isn't too smart or too casual)

Dress: Vintage shop in Victoria
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Dr Martens 
Bag: Dooney and Burke, Urban Outfiters

Now it's time to get all dressed up for the smart look...

Dress: Topshop
Jacket: Topshop
Belt: Topshop
Tights: Topshop
Shoes: Vintage shop in Edinburgh
Bag: Snake Skin 1940s, a gift from my Granny
(there's a hell of a lot of Topshop going on in this outfit!)

And finally, lets head back in time for a 1970s party look...

Dress: Vintage shop in Victoria
Shoes: Carvela, Kurt Geiger

Well, that's it, my 4 looks for my American Apparel Application! I like them all...But what do you think? Have I got the potential to work in American Apparel? I'm not sure...I'll guess I will just have to wait and see...  

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Get Simon Bellamy's AKA Simon 'Misfits' Playlist

Ok so today's daily misfix comes in the form of a playlist inspired by the music tastes of Misfit Simon Bellamy, and put together by yours truly! It contains some songs included in the series but mostly songs of my choosing...obviously with Simon's taste in music clearly in mind!! If you are a fan of Simon or are just into good music check it out, I think it's a winner!! It's for all you misunderstood tortured souls out there! Give each song a listen, you won't regret it if you have a good yet maybe slightly acquired taste in music...

Simon Bellamy's Playlist...What is Simon listening to today? - Curtesy of Me...Hope you enjoy

"Crystalised" - The xx
"Radioactivity" - Kraftwerk (used in Episode 6, series 1 of Misfits)
"Alphaville" The Monochrome Set
"Blue Monday" - New Order
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Joy Division
"Boys Don't Cry" - The Cure
"The Killing Moon" - Echo & The Bunnymen (used in Episode 5, Series 2 of misfits)
"Transmission" - Joy Division
"He's Frank" - The Monochrome Set
"Islands" - The xx
"Blue Blood" - Foals
"Little Bit" - Lykke Li
"She Lost Control" - Joy Division
"Making Plans For Nigel" - XTC
"Lovecats" - The Cure
"People Are Strange" - The Doors

If you enjoyed all of the above songs or maybe even just a few, why not download them LEGALLY via Itunes to your ipod!! They are great songs, and they should get you in the mood for the new series of Misfits coming very soon!! Simon has great taste in music (or should I say the guys down at E4 who chose all the songs for the show) and I hope you liked my accompanying choses...I love all the above songs and I hope you enjoyed them too!! If not, them hopefully you at least have been exposed to some bands you may never heard of...knowledge is power remember...

That's it for your daily Misfix today!! And if you fancy voting on my poll to decide your favourite Misfit Character, then why not get will only take a few seconds!

Like this post? A massive Simon fan? Why not check out an old post of mine which will show you how to get Simon Bellamy's look!

Love Naomi


Monday, 26 September 2011

Made in Chelsea is BACK!

So last week 'Made In Chelsea' returned to E4 for a second series!! The utter ridiculousness of the characters had me hooked first series round and I was excited to hear it had been commissioned for a second series!! With a few new additions to the cast we are in for some more ridiculous twists and turns this series, what with everyone having dated everybody else at some point in the past!! The first episode starts with the arrival of new cast member Jamie Laing - the heir of the McVities fortune...yes you heard right THE HEIR OF THE McVITIES FORTUNE, as in the biscuits!! Some people have too much money and not enough sense, and Jamie for sure is one of those guys entering the show after having had a concession of expensive holidays all paid for on the Credit card - you wouldn't be surprised to hear he had Mr Bank Manager on his back!!

Another new character is Victoria Baker-Haber - who all the guys are salivating over, I personally can't see the appeal there is something unattractive about her in my opinion - and she appears to have her eye on Hugo...who has a girlfriend!! Poor Millie is faced with rumours going around in the first episode that Hugo has been playing around - which wouldn't surprise me from the way be seems to envy Spencer's single status!! If this series is heading towards it's first major storyline this week, I would guess at it being that Hugo has had a little 'encounter' with Victoria behind Millie's back...naughty Hugo!

As for Spencer he still appears to be reeling from the loss of Caggie to New York, although he's very much in denial! He's main goal so far this series is to encourage Hugo to get back into the singleton pool - who is very keen on making the exchange!! Spencer seems to have found himself a friend with benefits in new girl Louise Thompson - his ex who made a little appearance last series!! But I'm sure with Caggie resurfacing in this weeks episode, that that might just throw a spanner in the works!

Other new girl is Ollie Locke's new girlfriend Chloe Green - who's father is Philip Green! I personally think that Ollie is still totally in denial about being gay, he dumped Gabriella to start dating guys and now he's dating Chloe...what's the deal with that! Chloe seems nice enough, but I just don't see them as a couple!

Other regulars are back including Rosie, Amber, Cheska, Binky, Fredrik and Francis - who is by far my favourite character!! He is just so ridiculous...

"I was mugged last year in Chelsea, by a small child, and the most memorable part of the...ordeal, was the child's appalling grammar. So I've taken it on myself to get out there and teach children how to be succinct and how to present themselves well...If a mugger is more loquacious, I may want to give him my wallet" - Francis Boulle

He has the best lines heard on television since...well no-one!! There's no one like him...He is just too brilliant!

Here are the new guys! Wondering who the mysterious guy is in the back there in the red shirt, well that's Oliver Proudlock...we haven't met him yet!!! hmmm...another ex of Caggie's!! Well well well, Caggie has gotten around hasn't she??

There are some rather amusing videos down at the E4 website including interviews with the new cast members! check them out they will have you in stitches!!

Catch Made in Chelsea NOW on E4!! And if you happened to miss last weeks episode catch up on 4OD NOW!! Made in Chelsea it is great to have you are the best trash telly in my opinion...I just never got into TOWIE!! MIC all the way!!

Love Naomi


The Fades

Yesterday evening I finally got around to watching the first episode of BBC3's new supernatural drama 'The Fades'! I had been planning on watching it when I saw the adverts, but some how completely underestimated it's ever nearing approach because I didn't even know it had started until yesterday!! Officially out of the loop...!! Forgive me last week was a big week for new shows...especially Wednesday...what with the start of channel 4's new comedy drama 'Fresh Meat'!

I was impressed with look of the show, and what with Misfits being a whole month away, I thought that it would be worth watching it for something to do between now and Misfits Episode one!! It has taken a leaf out of Misfits book with it's cinematic look - each episode is like an hour long movie!! However, to be honest I was a little disappointed with the first episode, it wasn't quite what I had expected!! Having heard it being compared to Misfits and Being Human all over the web...I thought WOW that's the big names in supernatural, fantasy, sci-fi...un-catergorisable dramas of the last couple of years! Seriously that is a lot to live up to, and unfortunately it hasn't quite lived up to the hype I expected! However, there are some likeable and interesting characters...the lead Paul (played by ex-corrie star Iain De Caestecker) is rather endearing and very watchable...he's a bit of an outcast, who still wets the bed due to his distressing nightmares! However, they appear to have stolen half of the Skins cast...ok, so I'm over-exaggerating, but there are two of them Daniel Kaluuya (Playing Paul's best friend Mac) and Lily Loveless (who plays Paul's un-identical twin Anna)! It also stars Miranda's love interest in the comedians hit television comedy show - Tom Ellis (who plays History teacher Mark)!

If I had to sum up the show in one sentence I would say..."There's a lot of funky knitted jumpers and not enough of a concrete storyline"...YET! To be fair I didn't give Misfits a fair chance back in 2009 when it started, I think I watched about 10minutes and then turned over....shock horror I know!! And now it's like my favourite television show EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER etc (otherwise I could go on for days) ...! Luckily my Friend sat me down and made me watch the first 3 episodes without a break, and then let me borrow the DVD of series one and two, and I literally watched it until my eyes physically couldn't stay open any longer...the unfortunate reality of being human! And that brings me back to 'Being Human' which will air on BBC3 next year...which brings me back to BBC3 and 'The Fades'! Ok, so I wasn't overly impressed with the first episode, but I am gonna give it a chance and watch part 2 of six when it airs on Wednesday at 9 just before 'Fresh Meat'! There is potential in the storyline to become something quite interesting, I'm just not sure if there's enough like-ability in all of the lead characters! I didn't watch on thinking 'Oooo What's gonna happen next', and when it ended I haven't given the next episode a moments thought!! But I think that there is potential in the lead De Caestecker to make the show, so I am going to let it warm up a bit more before I rule it out!! It was only the first episode...

Haven't seen it yet, why not decide for yourself, catch it on BBC iplayer! And watch episode two on BBC3 at 9pm!

Love Naomi


Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Winter Boot for all Ocasions!

I went on a very brief shopping trip today...I wouldn't call it a shopping trip really because I didn't by anything...a brief browse lets say! And it got me thinking, seeing as we are speedily heading towards winter I need to find some awesome winter boots to keep my my little feet warm...well...relatively warm! I thought that I would share 3 pairs of boots with you, a casual pair, a smart-casual pair, and an evening pair!!

Firstly...the casual boot

This lovely snuggly pair are from Zara, for the rather reasonable price of £35!! bargain!! (these are probably the most winter appropriate pair, they look the warmest to wear)

Secondly, here's the smart casual boot

These are from Office, and they are my personal favourite of the three! They are a rather less reasonable price at £75! Although they do have a blue pair in the sale...

For the much more reasonable price of £ that's much better!!

And finally, heres' the evening pair...

These beauty's are from Topshop, and they look impossible to walk in!! But hey...they are velvet and in a beautiful deep purple shade and you just know they will make your legs look gorgeous and long!! And for £75 you will be wearing them on every evening out this winter just to get your money's worth right? 

Hey, none of the boots I found your cup of tea?? Fair enough! I don't think i've quite found the perfect 3 pairs of winter boots yet, but this is a start...I've still got a few weeks left before I will need them...I mean apparently next week we're in for a heat wave!! WHAT!?! I here you say, I know...I didn't believe it when I first heard it either! But here's proof!

Love Naomi


I am Loving this SONG!

I have become addicted to this song, listening to it on repeat all day long, having first heard it on the Alisha/Simon Misfits fan made Youtube Video - which I shared with you all yesterday! It is just such a great song!! Here it is without the fan-vid, give it a listen!!

It's easier to listen to the song without the beautiful Iwan Rheon on the screen right? He is a bit of a distraction!! But you can't deny - as a misfits fan...or not - that the fan made video which featured in yesterdays daily misfix documenting Simon and Alisha's relationship over series one and two of Misfits accompanied by this brilliant song is a pretty damn good fan-vid(WOW that was a long sentence...)!! I might even go as far as calling it the best...!! Big words indeed!! I think 30% of the credit can go on the sheer greatness of this song, another 50% on Iwan Rheon alone, and 20% on the cuteness of them as a couple!

Love Naomi


Daily Misfix!

Who else is on the verge of exploding due to the endless wait for series 3 of Misfits?? I am sure that I will explode before episode one hits our screens!! So...what can us Misfit fans do to keep us satisfied in the Misfits department until next month?!...Well here's an idea...go and see ex-misfit Nathan AKA Robert Sheehan in 'The Playboy of the Western World' at the Old Vic! 'Playboy of the western world' ehh? going by that title I think that this character may be a bit of a Nathan Young!? That's a cracking idea right? Robert Sheehan in the flesh, on stage with the fellow ex-misfit Ruth Negga (she played Curtis's girlfriend Nicky in series 2)! Two misfits for the price of one...ok granted we would have preferred it to have been Antonia Thomas starring alongside Mr Sheehan right? Maybe Lauren Socha as well?? With Iwan Rheon making an appearance...preferably dressed in his future simon/super hoody get-up! Oh, and why not, I'd Have Joe Kilgun and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett join in as well, just for fun! Basically the whole Misfits cast! I would be very satisfied indeed with that!! But hey...Robert Sheehan and Ruth Negga shall suffice... Right?

He is one rather handsome Irish man!! Those eyes...!

Get Your Tickets NOW! Before they all sell out! I'm sure they'll be a lot of Misfits fans in!! I can't wait to see it, it started on September 17 and is there until November 26!! OMG by November 26 Misfits series 3 will be warming up...just talking about November makes me feel excited! 

Love Naomi


Friday, 23 September 2011

Second Misfix of the Day because there have been developments...

Ok so I just found out that Lauren Socha who plays loveable Chav Kelly in Misfits posted on her twitter page a couple of days ago (the 18th to be precise) that misfits series 3 wouild be hitting our screens on October 30th!!

I was unaware of this, and found this out when I read a comment on the E4 misfits page saying that she had revealed this on twitter! Now... I follow her on twitter and don't remember seeing this in my twitter timeline! Hmm?? So I did a bit of investigating, and it would appear that it must have been taken down...mysterious, eh?! Either way I think that Lauren let the cat out of the bag, and the guys down at E4 made her cover her tracks! But hey once it's out there, it's out there and you can't take it back!! Can we safely say then that Misfits series 3 will be kicking off on October the 30th?? Hmmm, hang on a minute though...October 30th is a Sunday, which is a curious day for Misfits to has always been on a Thursday! Hmmm...? This is very curious indeed! Maybe they are taking a leaf out of another one of my favourite fantasy type dramas...BBC3's Being Human which was always on a Sunday?! Or maybe it was just a red herring? Either way the guys in down at Misfits headquarters know how to tease their fans to keep them interested and hanging on for every scrap of information they throw our way! Oooo you big tease!

Love Naomi


Fresh Meat

New Channel 4 Comedy-drama started this Wednesday under the name of 'Fresh Meat' by the writers behind the genius E4 series 'The Peep Show'! It stars comedian Jack White Hall, Inbetweener Joe Thomas, Slaggy Lindsay of Angus thongs and perfect snogging fame, and a one time Misfit Zawe Ashton (she played Simon's girlfriend in episode 5, series 2...the one with the crazy murdering father)..Oh yeah, and some other un-know Charlotte Ritchie!

The set up is 5 Uni freshers who have been forced to live in shared house - having been too late for halls - and they are lumbered with a rather peculiar lodger Greg McHugh's character who is already living there! Wednesday was only the series opener, so not too much happened in the development of the story, but the characters were sufficiently introduced! We have Jack Whitehall basically being himself - a posh twatt, Joe Thomas's character is basically inbetweener Simon without the stupid hair-do, Slaggy Lindsay...sorry I should call her Kimberly Nixon (but Slaggy Lindsay is better I think...?) is the 'every girl' nicey-nicey type... so that's a change for her...Well, actually... except for the slaggy moment between her and Jack Whitehall's character...hmmm? Zawe's character is far from a romantic-mate for Misfit Simon...she's very odd to the point where Simon looks normal, and well...Charlotte's character is a goody-two shoe's, I do my homework pretending she's cool with dip dyed hair, try hard if ever there was one! So that's the characters...Oh, how could I forget Greg's word creepy!

JP - played by Jack Whitehall

Kingsley - played by Joe Thomas

Josie - played by Slaggy...I mean Kimberly Nixon

Vod - played by Zawe Ashton

Oregon - played by Charlotte Ritchie

Howard - Greg McHugh

I will be able to make a final decision about my opinion on the show after the second episode, I think I rather enjoyed it...but I'm not sure just how much!? I need to see what else the show has to offer, I didn't laugh out loud once - well maybe once but I can't remember - so it couldn't have been that memorable! But I would recommend giving it a watch, catch up on 4OD now!! And catch it next week Wednesday on channel 4 at 10pm!

Love Naomi


Daily Misfix!

Ok so, I am getting stuck for what to provide all my Misfits fanatic readers in terms sufficiently giving them up to date misfixes! The guys down at E4 need to provide me with more series three material to work with!! But for now I thought I'd share this really cool Youtube fan made video tribute... documenting the relationship between of Simon and Alisha - in a music video style fashion! Is it sad that it nearly moved me to tears...? Hmmm, I would probably say....YES...but hey, I am a massive Simon and Alisha fan, and I am routing for their relationship to blossom this series - they are just too cute! Check it out...maybe it will move you to tears!! Or not...

I love the accompanying song!! Whoever edited this together (someone under the name of PennyxXxDreadful), you are very talented!!

That's your daily misfix guys!! 

Love Naomi



Ok, so last night I downloaded the Orange Film To Go film which was "Howl" starring James Franco! If you have no idea what the hell Orange Film To Go is, then here's the low down...basically if you have an orange phone you can text FILMTOGO to 85060 every thursday to get a free film download, curtesy of Itunes! And every week it is a different film!

This week the film was Howl, based on the poem of the same name by poet Allen Ginsberg! James Franco starred as Ginsberg, and gave a very moving and convincing performance! I was surprised and impressed with the combination of elements to the telling of the story including animation sequences! It was visually very inspiring, and the combination of hearing the poem being read with the animation, and hearing Ginsberg's words through James Franco about his life alongside the dramatisation of the trial - was visually very exciting and dynamic! There is a lot to be inspired by in this film, and I would recommend watching this film if you get the chance! If you know nothing or very little about Ginsberg or the Poem 'Howl then don't be deterred, it is an insightful and enjoyable journey through the poem which broke the rules in post World War Two America!

Even if you don't/didn't enjoy the film, you can't deny James Franco has talent in abundance! 

Love Naomi


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Daily Misfix!

It's official as of Monday the 19th September 2011 Misfits series 3 finished filming! It's now all down to the clever geeks in the editing sweet to put it all together and make it fit for viewing by late October!! Pretty please make this the best series yet, I am sick of people saying..."it won't be the same without won't be Misfit....blah blah blah" I know that it won't be the same without him, he was a great character...but in no way does that mean it won't be the best series yet! I think that without Nathan the show can grow and new story-lines can develop - I mean if anyone had to go, he was the shallowest character and I think he had reached the end of his plot! Don't get me wrong, he was brilliant and had me in stitches every episode, and I will miss his witty presence immensely! But it is time to see what the rest of the gang can offer! And I personally cannot wait!! And Simon is on the verge of becoming Super hoodie HOT future Simon possibly and that is something I wouldn't want to miss...

Here is confirmation of the wrapping of Misfits series 3...curtesy of Iwan Rheon

 Iwan Rheon 
Shot the last scene of Misfits 3 yesterday!
 Iwan Rheon 
Just shot the last scene of Misfits 3...clang.

Exciting! Misfiters hang in there, it's only just over a month until the first episode will be all ours! It's only a matter of time and all shall be revealed! I will keep you Misfixed up until then! And don't forget to vote for your favourite Misfits character here on my blog - having trouble finding it, it's located at the top right hand side of my blog! The winner will receive a special prize of some sort, but that's still in the deciding process!

Love Naomi


Just a wee shopping trip!

My granny is down from Scotland for a wee while, and we popped on town to the local shopping centre for a spot shopping yesterday!! And lucky me, she treated me to a new outfit to wear to the press night for 'Street Scene' at the Young Vic!! haha! It was a good night! I enjoyed the show very much, especially the rather spectacular performance from resident photographer here at 'John, Grab Your Anorak' - Eboni Dixon! Very proud!! Here is what I (well Granny) bought...

This gorgeous deep pink almost purple (think this is another shade to invest in this AW11) dress, with 1950s top and a pleated skirt - £46

 And this beautiful silk (well...actually it's polyester. so lets amend it to silk-like) kimono style evening jacket - £50

Both from Topshop

I love them both very much, thank you granny! You're the best! However, this is meant to be an early Christmas present...hmmm! I'm happy September...but when it's Christmas day and I'm the only one without a present from granny, I'm sure I'll have something to say! Ha!!

And well done to the cast of 'Street Scene' for a great show last night!

Love Naomi


Monday, 19 September 2011

Strike a pose!

Ok, so me and my friend discovered a rather enjoyable game today whilst messing around on photo booth on my mac!! I'm not gonna claim to have invented it BUT...I'm gonna call it 'Strike a pose'...Here's how to play...Take it in turns to call out an occasion or event, you then have the count down to come up with a's really fun!! It just doesn't get boring, I could play it for hours!

Here are some examples to try...

 You're about to go on stage at the O2

 Just crashed the car into the side of the house

Just got into Hogwarts

 Just found out your dad was a rocker in the 70s

 Just found out you've got a super power

Someone just farted on the bus 

Just seen a space ship

Just been splashed by a car

Robert Pattinson has just proposed 

 Just received a smooch from Iwan Rheon

Elton John just walked by

Just won the Noble Peace Prize

If you're bored and need something to do for a little while...It's fun, and it doesn't cost a penny! Give it a the words of Madonna "Strike a pose"!

Love Naomi 


Twilight Breaking Dawn! Forgive me, I'm a fan!

Guess what I discovered this very morn? The brand spanking new Breaking Dawn part One bloody exciting!! With all the excitement of Misfits I completely forgot the ever nearing finale of the Twilight saga!! For all you readers who like me enjoy their guilty pleasures with a side of Robert Pattinson, check this out, and for those who don't...can I attempt to convert you?? Give it a watch, you might not regret those 2 and a half minutes of your life that you'll never get back!

Here it is...

Rather exciting eh? I think we can assume that part one will end somewhere around her changing into a vampire!! I remember somebody - I can't remember who now - once telling me that they thought they'd split it just after Bella opens her eyes as a  new born vampire...I think they may be right! Bring on November 18, it's not too far away now! However, I am slightly concerned that I will be watching the second half of Breaking Dawn aged that on the verge of being slightly sad...? I think it might just be!! But hey, I got ID-ed for the Inbetweeners movie the other week (which is a embarrassing?!), so unless I age dramatically overnight, I think I will still be able pass for a twilight fan next year...right?

Love Naomi


Sunday, 18 September 2011


So seeing as the start of Misfits series 3 is rapidly heading out way, I thought I would let all you Misfiters know that in the week leading up to episode one of Misfits series 3...'John, Grab Your Anorak' will be subject to a MISFITS TAKE OVER!! Which I know to all you Misfit fans, me included, is incredibly exciting! And for that one week only...'John, Grab Your Anorak' will be transformed into 'John, Grab Your Orange Jumpsuit'!! How exciting is that?? A week of all things Misfits related!! I can't wait for them to confirm a date for the first episode, because I want to start planning all the glorious posts that shall be heading your way!! All they've said is that it shall all kick off in best guess is Thursday October 27...but I don't have any inside information, so don't take it as gospel! It's just a hunch considering this series will have 8 episodes, so if it started on the 27 October...that would take us up to 15 December for a Christmas special maybe!? hmmm...they do love to keep you guessing!

Here's a sneak peek of the 'John, Grab Your Orange Jumpsuit' Misfits Takeover...

And for the next couple of weeks I'm gonna set up a poll to decide...Who your favourite Misfit character is?
 Will it be Simon, Alisha, Kelly, Curtis, new guy Rudy or (I just couldn't leave out the departed but loved) Nathan!?

Get voting to decide! It's down to you!

Love Naomi