Monday, 28 November 2011

Twilight: Bella's Wedding Dress. The Real Deal.

So for all of you who have yet to see Breaking Dawn, the fourth and penultimate instalment in the series, firstly why the hell not...!! Go see it immediately, there might be an 11pm showing you could catch tonight! Secondly do look away if you don't want to ruin the surprise! And for all you who like me have already seen the film, and just want to take another look at Bella's gorgeous gown, then feast your eyes on these lovely stills...and this time it's the real deal, not the replica!!

It's just such a beautiful dress!!!! Stunning! It makes me want to get married. Not now of course...hell no! But one day for sure!
It also makes me want to go see Breaking Dawn again!! I just loved it. It was perfect! It stayed true to the book and kept in all the bits us fans wanted to that I mean the infamous breaking the bed sex scene and the birth of course (which might I add was particularly gory! My friend told me somebody passed out in her showing! It's defo no for the faint hearted lets just say.)

Go watch it if you haven't!! You won't regret it!! Unless you're NOT a fan of the book or Robert Pattinoson (How could you not be??), then defo don't!! Regretfully I have to say it'll be two hours of your life that you'll never get back!! It's a bit like...marmite! You either love it or hate it (sorry for the cliche)!'s my ultimate guilty pleasure...!! And I LOVE it!! 

Love Naomi


TUNE: The Waitresses. I Know what boys like

This song is a TUNE!! Just sat down to watch E4's new series 'Desperate Scousewives' and heard this song!! I just couldn't resist getting out of my bed and giving it a quick here it is The Waitresses with 'I Know What Boys Like'...

"I know what boys like...boys like me."

This is brilliant. It's just so 80's and totally Camp-tastic! I can't resist 80s pop, especially when it's this good. And it's got the classic 80's stamp of authenticity...the na na na na na's!! Genius! This is the song that's playing in my head when I walk down the street. Haha...vain much?

Love Naomi


Misfits: Tune of the day Episode 5!

Ok, so here is your fifth instalment of 'Misfits: Tune of the day' for the current series! It was another cracking episode, and I was relieved to see that the Misfits still had it in them to bump off another probation worker!! I was not expecting it at all, but there was something so unimportant about it, that totally screamed out 'Classic Misfit moment'!! But back to tune of the day because I will write a full review of episode 5 later this evening or tomorrow!! With out further ado, here is Goldfrapp with 'Crystalline Green'...

One word: Genius. Great tune accompanying a classic misfits moment..."Have you been wanking?" hahaha!! Curtis you were caught out!! 

Love Naomi


Spot the Misfit!

Ok, so today has been a rather misfitastic day for me!! Firstly I saw Gwyneth Keyworth...who played Marnie in the christmas special of the second series, Nathan's pregnant girlfriend!!

And then literally 10minutes later my father called me saying he had just bumped into Antonia Thomas on The Cut, outside the Old Vic theatre!! And better than that, he actually stopped and had a little chat with her...mentioning that I was a massive fan!! I was so jealous. Wish I had been there to get a photo with her!! I love Antonia Thomas! And my dad said that she was super friendly and smiley!! Maybe I should start hanging out on The Cut a bit more often, this is the second time within two weeks she's been spotted hanging out there!!

Antonia looks worried here! Was it something I said...ha! Don't worry I won't start stalking you. I promise.

Love Naomi


Sunday, 27 November 2011

I NEED some new Dr Martens!

Ok, so I've decided against getting the black patent Russell and Bromley loafers as my new work shoes! I was advised by a colleague, who owns a pair, that they are really uncomfortable and THEY RUB which isn't ideal, rubbing means only one thing...BLISTERS!! So I thought that I would stick to a tried and tested all purpose, comfortable, reliable Dr Martens shoe!! Yes, I know what I said before...No brands allowed! But I've seen several colleagues wearing them so I'm guessing they've been ok-ed!! I already own a pair in patent white, but they aren't 'non-descript' enough to be 'Work shoes', so I was thinking maybe a black, or brown!! Hmmm...the decisions

There's plain old traditional BLACK!


Or an edgy texturised MATT BLACK!

Or a rather fetching DEEP WINE!

I dunno!!?? It's too hard to decide something like this! I shall have to head on over to their store in Covent Garden and try them all on!! Can't wait for that!!

Love Naomi


Misfits Antonia and Lauren at T4!

Here are some more stills from Antonia and Lauren's interview with T4, which aired this afternoon and which I missed because I was at work...bummer! But these pictures shall have to suffice for now, until some kind fellow posts a recording of it! That would be incredible, and I'd be extremely grateful of course!!

Aww they are just so cute! I love them! They really are friends in real life, not just pretending like some celeb Bezzies, which I think is really rather nice!! 

Catch Misfits tonight on E4 at 10pm!! Which is literally in like 15 minutes! I cannot wait!

Love Naomi


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Because there's never enough Iwan in your day!

I think I like the idea of this becoming a regular post!! Here's your daily fix of Iwan curtesy of me...

Is it wrong that I find Iwan in a Nazi uniform rather hot?! Conflicted.

Love Naomi



The XX rule! Here's one reason why...

Great version of a classic song! Love this.

Love Naomi


Friday, 25 November 2011

Because there's never enough Iwan in you day.

Enough said in the title...Enjoy!

Love Naomi


Misfits: Episode 4 Tune of the Day!

Ok, so there was definitely less musical choice in the last episode of Misfits what with the Nazi invasion, but Misfits is the best soundtracked show on television and they never fail to impress me with their choices! Here's Cults with 'You Know What I mean'...

I love this! It's got a 60s vibe...and that's something I just can't resist! Never heard it before Misfits but defo now a fan!! 

Love Naomi


Our Misfits at T4!

Yesterday two of our Misfits Lauren Socha (Kelly) and Antonia Thomas (Alisha) headed on down to T4 for an interview!! Finally, some new interview material for our viewing pleasure! I'm not sure when the interview will air, but I'm sure that it will be in the next few make sure to tune in to T4 this weekend! But as soon as it airs I will let you know, and I am sure that the kind people at T4 will be sure to upload it to their website pretty sharpish!! But for now here's a pic of Antonia and Lauren hanging out backstage...

Aww I love our Misfit ladies! 

Love Naomi


Get your hands on Bella Swan's Wedding Dress!

So, everyone is talking about the wedding of the year...No not that of our future King and Queen, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but the wedding of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan of course! It was the most anticipated on-screen nuptials of the year, and ever in the history of Cinema if you ask me!! Well, prepare to get even more excited because Bella's wedding dress, designed by Carolina Herrera, is now available to buy!! Not the exact one worn by Kristen, but a pretty spectacular replica created by Alfredo Angelo! So all you girls getting married this year or next, or all you eagerly awaiting for your man to pop the question, or even all you girls who just want to prance around in your room and pretend to be Bella can now get your hands on your very own Bella inspired gown...*SCREAM*!! And here it is...

I was blown away with how beautiful the dress was! The lace detail on the back and sleeves is just incredible!! And the elegant tulip skirt is quickly replacing the trend for big princess volume! But what's the damage I hear you ask...well, actually the rather reasonable price of $799! Which is nothing compared to the $35000 valued original!! Bargain!!

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Remember that saying I came up with the other day: "Because there's never enough Iwan in your day" I thought that I would prove it right with a nice Iwan-centric post!! So here it goes!! Firstly, lets re-address the 'Iwantonia' issue!! Remember last month he took Antonia to the premiere of his new film 'Wild Bill'? Well here is a photograph from that little rendez-vous that you might not have seen...

Hahaha!! Her face! Looks like she may have just taken a stumble! But Iwan was on hand to ease the embarrassment and have a little giggle at her too! Awww....cute!

Here's another photo of the pair, I'm not sure when or where it's from but Antonia looks christmasy in here knitted hat...

I love them.

We can only speculate about the pair of them, whatever they might or might not be doing in their own time...we'll never know for sure! Is he still with Catrin? Is she still with her feller? I don't have all the answers so we're in the same boat here!

Now back to Iwan minus the Antonia, and here are some photographs of him from the 'Resistance' premiere looking rather dapper and handsome...

Very swarve! Loving the red scarf...a little bit of christmas to the tradition black-tie look!

And here he is with Michael Sheen!! (I found these photographs on so they're to Thank You xXx)

And finally, yet again here are some stills from 'Attitude' magazine...

I realised a couple of weeks ago that's Iwan appears to be left handed...sign of creativity! Did you know that there are more left-handed people in the creative/arts field than any other? There you go...FACT.

He should so model for Fred Perry right? He's rocking that look! He's always very well turned out! (Again all photographs are from

Hope you enjoyed you're slice of Iwan for today, and ALWAYS remember...there's never enough Iwan in your day! FACT.

Love Naomi


Resistance Trailer!

Yes, it would seem that Iwan has gotten an unhealthy dose of what a Nazi controlled Britain would be like of late, not only on the set of Misfits but also on the set of his new film 'Resistance', which also stars the incredible Michael Sheen (who is Iwan's Hero...quote)!! It comes out on Friday, and I know us Misfits fans will be out in force to support our boy Iwan right? I know I will be! And all those who aren't a fan of his Misfits work (which is totally unbelievable and unacceptable by my standards) you should still get yourself down to the cinema to see it, it's had some cracking reviews!! But Iwan fans you might be pleased to hear that Iwan will be welshing it up in this film...I'm sure, like me, you're so used to him playing Londoner Simon in Misfits that it's easy to forget his Welshness... but I love his native Welsh's HOT!! Here's the trailer...

Looks like a strong cast!! If Michael Sheen's in it, you know it's bound to be good!!

It's out on Friday 25th November, and I don't reckon that it will be showing in your standard cinema chain, so check your listings first!! But defo go see it!!

Love Naomi


Misfits: Episode 4 Write Up

Well, wasn't episode four a completely different look for our Misfits? Who would have thought little old guy going back in time, attempting and failing to kill Hitler and then dropping his mobile phone would cause so much havoc!! As a result our Misfits were faced to deal with living in a world controlled by the Nazis...with no recollection of the alternative world they were living before! This is why you should NEVER EVER mess with're asking for trouble!! But it made for a great episode, and might I add most EPIC episode of the series so far! It was completely different from anything else I have seen from the writers so far, and I am happy to say that  I was impressed with the result.

I do have to admit though that I was forced to extend my disbelief slightly (very slightly) for my viewing of this episode. You're never treading on completely safe ground with time travel especially when revisiting and changing something as far back in history as the events of world war two and then trying to create a plausible and believable alternative world 70 years on! History always being a subject very dear to my heart and having recently tortured myself with the laws and theories of time travel, I found myself trying to pick holes in the telling of episode four on a logical level! The thing with a time travel episode is that there is a lot as a writer to keep track of and line up, but I think that they did an good job of it! And to be fair until somebody actually invents time travel for real, there really aren't any's all fiction and it's up to the writers to make up their own rules!! My only confusion when watching was the ins-and-outs of Curtis's old power and how it differed in this episode from the previous two series', however, after contemplation I realised that the writers never really explored the power much when Curtis had it, he always went back to recent historical events, so I think there was license to change and explain the power differently in the episode! I thoroughly enjoyed the episode and to be honest any holes there might have been I think can be overlooked!! It was action packed and how can you dislike and episode where our Misfits got one over on the Nazis and Kelly headbutts Hitler!!

I love love loved the Simon and Alisha subplot in this episode, it was heart-breakingly beautiful to see that even in an alternative universe they found each other!! They are just the cutest couple ever...pure perfection!! However, being an avid reader of most of the Simon-Alisha fan sites, I was relieved to see that I'm not the only one who was disappointed that we have yet to have any Simon and Alisha "action" this series! The last episode seemed like the perfect excuse for some "action"...however, it was implied rather than shown!!

Awww...Simon And Alisha Til I Die!!

What's next for our Misfits!! It looks like it's Kelly's episode next week and it seems that her relationship with Seth comes to the forefront!! Here's some pics from Sunday's ep curtesy of E4...


Get in there Kelly!

I love Rudy, you can just tell something funny has just or is just about to leave his mouth!! 

Worried looking faces...? Doesn't look like good news!

What's up with Kelly? 

Wonder what they're all waiting for? Look at Simon and Alisha...cute!

Cannot wait for Sunday's ep! Tune in to E4 at 10pm on Sunday to see what all of this could possibly mean...!!

Love Naomi


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Misfits Theories: Simon may be saved after all!

I remember when I sat down three weeks ago with my misfits buddy Eboni Dixon, and watched the first episode of the new series...and Rudy's power was revealed on screen (although I already knew what it was because I read the spoilers) I turned to Eboni and said, I reckon that Rudy's other self, Dark Rudy, would be sent back in time instead of Simon to save Alisha which kinda made sense because he's still a bit hung up on Alisha and all that!! But I just read a comment on the E4 Misfits facebook page and I can't believe that I didn't think of this...Basically Simon will do a power swap with Rudy so that Simon will have a double that is the opposite of a more confident Simon, beefy Simon (who we'll call Dark Simon cos it sounds HOT) and he will go back in time and save Alisha! That totally makes sense and would explain why future Simon was so damn hot and confident and completely contrasting with cute, shy Simon in series 2!! Thank you you clever person who thought of this!!  I reckon you might just be right!! It makes absolute sense...This seems like the MOST concrete theory of getting around saving Alisha and not killing of Simon! Genius...

Two Simon's in one show again, I like that idea! I like that idea a lot! 

Love Naomi


Misfits: Rudy Off.

All of you who like me are avid Tweeters will know that two weeks ago the two Rudy accounts - RudyMisfits and the OtherRudy were set the challenge to see who could get the most followers, and the loser would face a forfeit! Unfortunately, the OtherRudy lost....awww Rudy is a bit of a bully to his parallel self! Here's the forfeit...

And I found this rather lovely photograph of Mr Gilgun curtesy of 

Photograph by Elliott Morgan 

I love the Gilgun! I've decided I quite fancy him...hmmmm! Iwan or Joe? Iwan of course but Joe is a close second!! 

Love Naomi


The Worst Work shoes EVER.

Yesterday was my first day of work, and I enjoyed it very much all except for my foot wear which put a dampener on the whole experience for me a little...

These are the shoes in question! And I know what you're thinking, they're cute...I know they are, that's why I bought them! They do look very nice and they're a great colour! And best of all they only cost me £16 from Rokit! Everything about them is screaming...'I am the perfect first day of work shoe'!! But OH NO...they are the most uncomfortable shoe ever!! By the end of the day my feet were rubbing in places I didn't even know could hurt!! Never again will I be wearing these shoes for an 8hour shift! HELL NO!! OFFICIALLY FASHION HATED purely for discomfort reasons! For the company I am working for I need a pair of nondescript shoes which DO NOT give off the vibe of being any particular no Dr Martens - which is a shame because they are SO comfortable! At least I know what to ask for for Christmas...


lovely Russell & Bromley loafers!! They're a nice soft leather and have a nice bit of cushioning inside!! They are PERFECT! Dear, Santa if you're reading this a pair of these are at the top of my least...underneath the camcorder and the final cut pro software! Nothing much...ha! Thank you x

Love Naomi