Saturday, 31 March 2012

8 Minutes Idle - Caller On Hold

Here's a little Misfix for all you adoring fans of Misfits... who've been lacking any Misfits related updates as of late!! It's a little clip from Antonia Thomas's new film '8 Minutes Idle', an urban comedy by Matt Thorne set in a call centre...!! Enjoy...Antonia appears at around 0:28 but unfortunately doesn't say anything...

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 27 March 2012


This teaser trailer is more like are free to blink away without missing the whole thing!! It's a whole 49seconds of twilighty goodness...!! enjoy

Well excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Naomi


Pool Party!!

Ok, so my friend and resident photographer here at 'John, Grab Your Anorak' Eboni Dixon, decided to purchase a swimming pool over the weekend...and roped in the help of my rents and I to go pick it up!!  Now when I say swimming pool, I am using the word lightly...I don't mean a fully fledged dug out of the ground type job...more along the lines what you find at the back of the Argos catalogue. Voila...

Here it is...

It was all a bit of a palaver picking it up, but after a struggle we managed to squeeze the contents of the fifteen foot pool into our humble beetle, at the expense of me, Eboni and my mother having to catch the bus back...but it was a nice sunny day so no complaints!! It's all up an running now, Horay!! And just in time for the summery weather!! But before I get carried away with the idea of a 'Pool Party'...there's one important factor needed to be addressed...!!! A snazzy swimming costume of course!! It seems that 50s shapes are popular for summer 2012, so it's time to flaunt those hour-glass figures girls...curves are back!! Here are a few of my favourite choices from the web...

This is just beautiful! It's a lovely shade of blue, and the shape is just gorgeous!! It's super cute!! And only £34 from Topshop!! Bargain!

Block can't go wrong with this striking Topshop piece!! And even cheaper at £32!! 

Another Topshop number here...and this time it's a two piece!! I love the pattern!! And the shape is nicely structured and not too fussy! Plus it's got an under wire, which is good for those like me who have boobies to contain!! Hahaha!! 

I love the American Apparel Barcelona stripe...and nothing is more flattering that a nice high waist brief!! The top hasn't got the support that I am after in a bikini top, but it's nice nonetheless!! And it comes in at £40 (£23 for the brief's and £17 for the top) 

Why not team your 2012 swimwear look with a nice pair of jellies...
What an awesome colour!? Coral is a badass 2012 summer shade!! 
And coming in at £24 from Office you can't go wrong really!! Plus they're waterproof...what more could you want!!??

Love Naomi


Blast from the Past!!

Happy Tuesday everybody!! Hope you've all been enjoying the sun in London town!! I heard this song on the Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 breakfast show this morning (Shamefully, I have to admit to listening to it of a morning...mainly because I'm forced to because it's what my rents listen to in the car) and I haven't been able to get it out of my head!!'s Cheap Trick with 'I Want You To Want Me'...enjoy

It's a classic American Teen Movie anthem...

Love Naomi


Saturday, 24 March 2012

Because there's never enough Iwan in your day!!

Well, well, well it's been a little while since I blogged a little bit of Iwan Rheon into your I thought it was about time!! On the 20th March the London premiere of 'Wild Bill', Iwan's new film, took place and luckily for use someone was on hand with a camera to take some snaps of our favourite Misfit!! The film hit cinema's yesterday, and is the directorial debut of Dexter Fletcher (Nathan's dad in Misfits)'s defo worth a watch if you're an Iwan fan...and it's a chance to see him playing outside of his usual 'neurotic teenager with serious issues' type cast by steeping in to the shoes of a crack dealing thug!! That's an exciting change for any actor...can he pull it off though!???  I think so!! Anyway, enough's time for some photos...

No Antonia Thomas on his arm this time round...that's a shame!! 

Still not satisfied with your Iwan fix, why not check out some footage from the premiere curtesy of Daily  Record!!

Love Naomi


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Teaser Trailer (HD)

Be warned...their definition of teaser trailer should be renamed...if you blink you'll miss it trailer!! But it's better than nothing eh!?!

Who's excited?!? Part two is only 8 months away now!! Hang in there guys...

Love Naomi


Regina Spektor - "Us"

I just love this Video!!! Happy Saturday Everyone!!

Love Naomi


Friday, 23 March 2012

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

Amaz video from Lana Del Rey!! I think I love this song even more than 'Video Games'!

I love Lana Del Rey!! Haters get over it...she's fab!!

Love Naomi


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Cosmopolis - International Teaser (HD) (Robert Pattinson)

OMG!! Check out the new teaser trailer for R-Patz new movie 'Coamopolis'!!

For some reason I thought I was in for another romantic flick when I heard the title 'Cosmopolis' but judging by the trailer it all seems a little 'Fight Club' esc ...which suits me fine!! I fucking love that film!! And CANNOT wait to see this!! Rob even sounds a little like Ed Norton in this clip!! Hot!! Lets compare...

hmmm...!?? Interesting don't you think!? 

Love Naomi

P.S. In case like me you didn't know what cosmopolis meant here's the definition.

Cos-mop-o-lis (noun) A city inhabited by people from many different countries.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

KRISTEN STEWART's British Accent in SWATH!!

Check out this new behind the scenes clip from Kristen Stew Stew's new movie 'Snow White and the Huntsman'...I've been eagerly awaiting a snippet of her British accent and finally we have the goods (slight exaggeration, it's so small that you might miss it if you're not listening carefully)!! But I have to say judging by the seven words she does say in this clip...I am relatively doesn't sound like her one bit!! I need a bit more in the words department from Miss Stewart before I can make a fully blown evaluation of her accent...but all good so far! So well done! I think she's done her British fans and her British Beau, Mr Pattinson, proud!! Check it out!!

Bad-ass slide from Kristen at 0:50!! Hell Yeah!!

Love Naomi


Because there is never enough Iwan in your day!!

Here's a brand new song from our favourite Misfit Mr Rheon, and it is just beautiful!! It's a recording from the Roundhouse AWAL radio session he did a month or so back!! Give it a listen!!

Iwan Rheon - "You are in me" Live radio session by Iwan Rheon

Sweet music to my ears!! I love this guy!! After a hard days work this is just what I need to unwind!!

Love Naomi


Friday, 16 March 2012

TGIFriday Topshop Wish List!

I've got that TGI-Friday feeling this evening and so I thought, what the's about time I compiled another Topshop wish list...I mean it is only two weeks until pay day...and I've earned myself a little bonus this month (thanks to my wonderful boss!!) Theres' a lot of pastel going down on and I just love it...and there's a definite nod going out to the swingin' 60s and 70s...but lets be honest...we owe a lot to that time in history, it did a lot for fashion and it's influence will always be strong!!

I love this sequin teardrop detail!! And this subtle green is so fresh and just perfect for spring!! It's very seventies!! I can see this teamed with a pair of denim flares!! 

The flower detail is so pretty!! And the back is just gorgeous!! 

I am in love with this colour!! Powder blue! Yum.

I love the subtle pattern on this oversized shirt...if you want to jump on the print band-wagon but are unsure of how to introduce them into your wardrobe, then this is a good place to start!!

With this beautiful neck detail there is no need for any jewellery! Perfect.

Salmon!! I think my favourite colour of spring/summer 2012!! And this denim skirt is a nice casual addition to your wardrobe, easily teamed with an embellished cropped cami or a vest top!!

A lovely rich cafe shade, great transition piece from winter to spring!! Team it with white!! And a nice mustard blazer...!!

Nice bit of flare!! And again it's the powder blue that seems to be everywhere at the mo!

Nice pleat detail!! And you can't have powder blue with cotton candy!!  Perfect coupling!! 

Block colour at it's best!! Turquoise is just devine, and framed with the black it's a knock out piece! Great length to!! 

I heart flowers on a skirt!! This is a MUST HAVE!! I love it!! The contrast between the black and the blue is great, teamed with the white and it's perfection!! 

 Great shape!! And the extra length at the back shall give for great movement!! You can't beat a polka's timeless!!

Awww...I feel relatively satisfied!! I've compiled my wish I just need to wait patiently for pay day!! 

Love Naomi


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blast from the Past

Ahhh man today's blast from the past is a's 80s at it's very best!! It's Lionel Richie with 'Hello'...enjoy

Raise your hands if you're still enjoying this tune 30s years on!?! Hell yeah! It's a tune!!

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Prodigy - Out Of Space

Proof that the 90s did produce some decent tunes!! I was reminded of this Prodigy classic at Jeremy Deller's 'People In Joy' exhibition at the Hayward Gallery this afternoon...definitely worth a see if you haven't popped by yet!! Also swing by the David Shrigley 'Brain Activity' exhibition whilst you're costs £10 to see both, a bargain if you ask me...and you get a free cuppa!! What else could you ask for eh!?  Art and a cup of the dream!! But's the best exhibition I've seen so far this year, I have to admit that it's the only exhibition that I've seen this year, but don't let that be a discredit to it!! It's ace!!

Love Naomi


Blast from the Past...

Today's blast from the Past comes straight from the 80s, and comes nonetheless from New Romantic pop rockers 'Spandau Ballet'!! Here they are with that Golden Hit of there's (excuse the pun, if you can)...'Gold'! It's a tune...worthy of blasting up the volume and singing at the top of your lungs...grab your hairbrushes people...

Love Naomi


Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2: Exclusive Clip

So, Breaking Dawn Part was only released on DVD yesterday and already my thoughts have moved swiftly on to the second instalment (Of course) which isn't due out in cinemas until November this year!! But luckily for us this means that the twilight promo team have only one thing to focus on now and that's supplying us fans with as many exclusives as they can, starting with an exclusive clip from Target showing Kristen in her vampire Bella get-up!! Check it out...

Sorry about the bad quality, but all the videos appear to have been filmed straight off the TV!! Lame I know, but you get the idea...basically Bella's now HOT!! 

Can't wait for Part Two!! Not too long to wait!! But we've got a few things to keep us tied over until the release of 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and 'On The Road' both staring Kristen and if you haven't seen 'Bel Ami' yet, go check that's worth a watch if you love a bit of Rob action!! 

Now... I thought to celebrate the release of Twilight Breaking Dawn - which I have to admit, I myself only purchased today...I know I'm starting to lose my twihard status I spent so long building up - here's my favourite tune from the film...! It also appeared in the first Twilight movie back in's Iron and Wine with 'Flightless Bird American Mouth'!! 

Oh the memories!! Such a great track!! And a little trivia for you: Kristen Stew-stew herself suggested this track to 'Twilight' director Catherine Hardwick for the final scene of the first movie! Good choice!! I think that is still quite possible my favourite scene of all the movie's...dare to disagree...??!!

Awwwww! I love Twilight! 

Love Naomi


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Touch of Evil: Rooney Mara

O.M.G. This is weird. But I love it.

(Watch the full collection of the 'Touch Of Evil' short films By Alex Prager on YouTube)

Love Naomi


On The Road Trailer

Ok, so the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One dvd release is fast approaching, only a couple more hours and it shall be in our hands...!! But lets not forget that our Twilight love birds Robert and Kristen have been busy with with other projects recently, what with the release of Robert period drama 'Bel Ami' having hit cinemas on Friday and Kristen's film 'On The Road' hitting cinemas in September!! It's been a busy couple of years for these Twilight Stars, and apparently it's taking it's toll on their off-screen relationship...apparently on their recent trip to Paris they had a bust up over a comment Kristen made about Rob's monobrow!! Oh no, no, no...Kristen you don't criticise a man's brow, it's a touchy subject!! Apparently this let to a 12 hour silent treatment from very Edward Cullen of him!! Wanna read about 'The Eyebrow Saga' click here (you know you want all the dets ha!) But moving on to more pressing's the trailer for Kristen's film 'On The Road' also stars the wonderful Sam Riley and Rob's rather talented BFF Tome Sturridge...check it out

It looks pretty good!! I am looking forward to it when it hits cinemas later this year!! I think it could be a hit...hmmm we'll have to wait and see!

Love Naomi


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Because there's never enough Iwan in your day...

Here's just a little picture to brighten your morning Iwan Fans!! I'm not sure where it's from, or the context but Mr Rheon sure looks a little intoxicated!! Hehehe...tipsy Iwan is funny! Check it out

I spy a Swiss flag in the background...hmmmm!??? If anyone can enlighten me about where or when this photograph was taken it would be much appreciated!! 

Love Naomi


Feeling sorry for myself

You know you're feeling sorry for yourself when you find yourself listening to 'Radiohead' and 'The Smiths' on repeat!! What a sorry state I'm in!! I thought I would share a slice of my pity with you guys, a problem shared is a problem halved and all that!! Come wallow in self pity with me this morning with a few of my fav feeling sorry for yourselves know you want to

1. Radiohead - High and Dry

2. The Smiths - Please please please let me get what I want

3. Cat Power - Sea of Love

4. Radiohead - Karma Police

5. Regina Spektor - Hero

6. Radiohead - No Surprises

7. Oasis - Wonderwall

8. The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

9. Radiohead - Creep 

10. Jimi Hendrix - The Wind Cries Mary

11. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah 

12. Lou Reed - Perfect Day

I hope you enjoyed this little mini playlist this morning!! Sorry if I've bummed anyone out!! But everyone deserves a little cry once in a while! Chins's Saturday after all!! 

Love Naomi


Monday, 5 March 2012

Blast from the Past!

Who remembers this!!??

Blu Cantrell...! Wow! That's a name I haven't heard in a while!! Haha! This was a TUUUUNE back in 2001, and I can't believe I've left it un-played for 11 years!! What was I thinking!? This is still a TUUUUNE  in 2012 and you know it! 

Love Naomi


Because there's never enough Iwan in your day...

I've got a lovely treat for all Iwan Rheon fans this evening in the form of a still from his new film 'Wasteland' due to hit cinemas later this year!! And Harry Potter fans may also be pleased to hear that the film shall also star the unlikely Harry Potter hero Neville Longbottom, played by unlikely hottie Matthew Lewis...

Hahaha...laugh out loud moment!! It's so true!! 
(and might I add, is that a pic of Daniel on Rupert's shirt there??? It looks suspiciously like it!!)

Busted! Bromance alert!! HAHAHA (it deserves the capitals, I laughed that hard.)

But back to Iwan seeing as this post is entitled 'because there's never enough Iwan in you day', 'because there's never enough Matthew, Rupert, Daniel, and Tom in your day' just doesn't have the same ring to it does it!? So lets cut to the chase!! Here's Iwan looking fit in his 'Wasteland' get-up 

I spy a Fred Perry polo...hmmmm!! Is it that burgundy one we all know so well...??

You know the one...!!

Oooo no, it's not the favoured burgundy polo, it's a rather fetching blue shade. Nice!! It suits you Iwan, it matches your eyes...hahaha!! 

Love Naomi