Saturday, 28 April 2012

Topshop Wish list!!

Hell Yeah!! It was pay day yesterday...and that means only one thing...time for my celebratory Topshop Wish List compilation!! So without further ado lets get listing a few of the most desirable Topshop pieces that have caught my eye!

Love this lacey crop top!! I bought it in black the other day!! But I love it in this pretty ballet pink...perfect teamed with sheer shirts or complimentary for underneath top with extreme armholes!! Or feeling brave just wear it with a high waist skirt for that underwear outerwear look!! 

Love this!! Perfect for jazzing up a plain black going out outfit...pop this underneath a black sheer/chiffon shirt to keep the look fun and exciting!! 

This is so fun!! I love it!! 

I love this two tone look!! Great colours!! And a nice wink at the tie die 90s vibe that everyone is enjoying at the moment!! You just can't go wrong with a shirt, there's just so many ways you can wear one!! 

Sweet shop anyone!! I saw this in topshop yesterday and was so tempted to buy them!! They are just so sweet!! Can't beat a verticle stripe! 
Well maybe you can actually...horizontal stripe anyone!! This photo does not do this top justice what so ever!! I spied this in Topshop yesterday and fell in has a gorgeous bow tie detail at the back!! 

More horizontal stripe...they may not be sliming but that are defo popular at the moment! I love this colour's simple and clean!! I just love a tight maxi skirt!! Great for showing off your curves...embrace them ladies! 

I love this little vest top!!! The fabric makes it look very vintage! And the shape is very reminiscent of the 50s!! 

F.A.B!! Printastic blazer!! A must have!!!!!!!!

These colours are fab!! Pretty pastels are great for creating a fresh look for spring!! Team with white!! 

Another great print...Topshop have got it right this season...lots of fab prints!! Keep it simple with a nice plain crop top, or if you're feeling particularly brave team it with another print for a fab print clash!! 

I strangely like this dress!! I think it's the lace V detail in the bodice that I enjoy the most!! I'm not keen on the skirt fact I don't really like it at all!! But for some reason it caught my eye...

Just looking at this I feel like I've been transported back to the 1960s!! Team with some white platforms and a cute little white bag and circular frames!! I'm right there in 1963!! Great colour too!! 
I tried these frames on yesterday and it took a lot of effort for me not to buy them right there and then!! I have a serious sunglasses addiction!! I need these in my life!! 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! Topshop you make my saturday a dream!! Lots of treats waiting to be purchased there!! I can't wait to spend a free day raiding the massive Flagship Topshop store and spending lots of money!! It's nearly summer everyone...don't let the rain fool you!! 

Love Naomi


Kristen Stewart Poses with another guy!! (Who's not Robert Pattinson!)

BIG NEWS PEOPLE: Kristen Stewart has been photographed posing rather intimately with a guy who is NOT Robert Pattinson...SHOCK HORROR!!?? Or maybe not seeing as it is all PR for her new film 'On The Road'!! You can breath that sigh of relief now!! Robsten is still intact as far as we can tell...Rob was seen just yesterday catching a flight out of LAX we can assume to meet up with Kristen in Las Vegas!!


But check out these snaps of Kristen with 'On the Road' co-star Garrett Hedlund for French Magazine Jalouse...they are rather lovely!!

Read the full article at Celebuzz

Should Rob be Jealous (or should I say Jalouse)!?? Haha!! I don't think so!! Kristen seems pretty loyal!! After all she is an actress, and getting up close with other guys who aren't Robert Pattinson is what she's paid to do, and they'll be a lot more of that seeing as Twilight is now over (BOO HOO!!) But for now there's still one more film to hold those tears is not over yet!! 

Love Naomi


Spoofy Saturday: Twilight gets a Make over!!

Just a brief post from me this afternoon, but one that should not be overlooked if you're a Twilight fan!! I came across some rather amusing spoof Twilight trailers this morning and I just had to share them with you guys!! If you were a fan, like me, of the Harry Potter spoofy trailers then these are a definite must watch!! They made me chuckle so I hope you enjoy!!

Twilight gets a Juno make over!! It's dead funny!! My two favourite films combined...what more could I ask for...??

Pride and Prejudice meets Twilight!! Not such a far fetched idea seeing that Stephanie Meyer took inspiration from Jane Austin's beloved classic!! 

Happy Saturday everyone!!

Love Naomi


Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Reich & Bleich Remix)

Love this! Great remix!! Give it a wee listen!!

Love Naomi


Gossip Corner: Kristen Stewart!! Full length Snow White trailer and other news...

I've got some K-stew goodies for you all tonight starting firstly with a new full length trailer for 'Snow White and the Huntsman' (AKA SWATH)... which is due out in one month people (*SCREAM!!!)!!!! Listen out for Kristen's British accent in this's pretty decent from what I can tell...a little bit Renee Zellweger in 'Bridget Jones' diary' but I can live with that!! Check it looks pretty damn epic...I CANNOT wait!!!!! June the 1st everyone...put that in your diary!! I defo think it's gonna do better with the critics than this months Julia Roberts and lily Collins 'Mirror Mirror' Snow White make over!! It'll defo do better with the fans...Kristen's got a strong loyal following thanks to Twilight...I mean think back to 2010 when they landed her a BAFTA for Orange Rising Star..the only award voted for by the public!! That's dedication right there...I mean she was up against Carey 'The Talent' Mulligan for Gods sake and she still won!!

See she can smile (just.)

Enough with all the talk here's the trailer!!

SO EPIC!! Can defo tell it's by the producers of Tim Burtons 'Alice in Wonderland'...I just hope it isn't as much of a let down as that film about overrated!!

But that's not it for the K-Stew goss this evening...yes there's more!! Kristen shall be gracing the cover of next months Elle Magazine!! Here's her gorgeous cover shot...

Very glamorous!! Can't wait to read it!! I wonder if she's let anything slip about her 'British Boyfriend' this interview round...although after the GQ slip up I'm sure she's extra careful about what she says these days!! But one can dream of the day she finally delivers the confirmation that 'YES' she is dating Robert Pattinson (a fact that everybody on the planet already knows to be's common's just bloody annoying not to hear the words from the horses mouth and all that)!!

And in other news...Is Kristen BFFs with Katy Perry??!! Firstly Kristen was spotted with Rob at a Katy Perry gig a couple of weeks ago (which was the night camera's were filming for her big movie 'Part of Me'), and then only last weekend they were spotted hanging out at the Coachella Music fest in California!! Check out this pick as proof...

There's Kristen in the red converse on the right, and that's Katy on the far left...

Hmmm...interesting!! It's common knowledge that Rob has numerous celeb chums, and as you may already know he and Katy are pretty good friends...

but it's nice to see Kristen is joining in on the fun!! 

That's it for my first Gossip Corner post!! You should be well and truly caught up on all things: Kristen Stewart!! 


Happy Saturday everyone!!

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Get Kristen Stewart's Coachella Look!!

For the hip Hollywood IN crowd their was only one place to be last weekend and that was the Coachella Valley Music festival in CALI-FORN-I.A. Bitches!! The festival season has officially begun...and Coachella is the beast of all if you ask me...I mean just check out this line up...

When The Arctic Monkey are 5th in a line up...that's saying something!! They've brought out the big guns...Radiohead and Dr. Dre!!!! WOW!! 

And boy were the celebs out in force to catch some tunes, donning their best dressed down fest ensembles...festivals are the best excuse to bring out the hippie in all of us!! 

Amongst the celebs who hit California were Emma Roberts, Kelly Osborne, Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese, Joe Jonas, and of course Kristen Stewart and her beau Robert Pattinson were in attendance...they've made it no secret that they're big music lovers and they were of course their to see Radiohead!! Both Rob and Kristen apparently kept it very low key, even choosing to reject their VIP privileges...(WHAT??!! Why!!?? Your superstars...take advantage of it!!) Ok now let's take a look at Kristen festival look!: 

She opted for her loose-fit crop top staple wardrobe essential for day one...teaming it with some hipster short shorts, Robs Orioles cap...

And a nice little funky lace bralette top...very trendy!! And some canvas sneakers!! Classic Kristen!!

Now, I've put together my own Kristen inspired festival look!!


CROP TOP: American Apparel: £19 

BANDEAU: Miss Selfridge: £14

SHORTS: Topshop: £22



KRISTEN'S SHORTS: American Eagle: £24.49

Finish off the look in classic Kristen style with some black nail polish and a pair of your favourite sunnies!! And if you're lucky enough to know Robert Pattinson, then feel free to nick one of his caps!! 

Love Naomi


Because there's never enough Iwan in your day!!

Iwan Rheon "Remember" - unreleased 

Here's a little treat to brighten up your Tuesday Iwan fans!! It's a nice wee previously unreleased track from his Tongue Tied EP!! Iwan is incredibly kind to his dear fans and shared this with us all for free on his soundcloud! And it is available to download (also FOR FREE), so make sure you do!! Click the link above to wont regret it I assure you!!

Happy nearly half way through the working week Tuesday everyone!!

Love Naomi


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Blast from the Past!!

It's 1999, we're on the brink of the Millenium year and TLC are in the studio recording great tracks like today's blast from the past!! I love this song!! Enjoy!!

Love Naomi


R-Pattz 'Wearing Wig' For Breaking Dawn Re-Shoots

R-Pattz 'Wearing Wig' For Breaking Dawn Re-Shoots WTF!!! Hahaha!! This has to be the most amusing and potentially devastating news I've heard all day!! R-Pattz in a wig...OMG NO!! We all saw Kristen's disastrous wig in Eclipse, and that thing on Taylor's head in first film, if that's what the hair and make up team at Twilight are capable of doing to two attractive people, then Rob has no hope!! Let's hope that none of these re-shoots are close-ups!!

Edward wig anyone?? HA!

Love Naomi


p.s. you know how I just said the sun was shining where I was... well, scrap that, cos now there's hail stones and thunder & lightening!! Global warming's a bitch!

Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

L.U.V Madonna or not, lets just put the 'try hard' comments aside for one moment, you've got to hand it to her she's looking pretty good for a 50 something right?! I'm personally rather enjoying Madge's come back, I love her new tracks!! She's still the queen of pop in my eyes!! Plus she's managed to wangle Nicki Manaj and M.I.A onto her comeback track, which has gotta give Madge some cool points right?!

Love Naomi


Because there's never enough Iwan in your day!!

I've got a lovely Iwan shaped treat this afternoon for all of you!! Give this advert for 'Get the' a wee watch and listen out for Iwan's voice over at the end!!

Pretty cool eh!? Iwan's not just a pretty face, he's got the voice to match!! A distinctive voice is what ever actor dreams of!!

The sun is shining where I am, amidst the spurts of heavy down pour!! Have a lovely day where ever you are!!

Happy it's nearly friday Thursday everyone!!

Love Naomi


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lana Del Rey - Radio

I'm OBSESSED With this!!

I abso love this song!! It's a gem!! Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like a fucking dream I'm living in!! So thanks Lana!! Great track!!

Love Naomi


Because there's never enough Iwan in your day!!

So, it's been quite a while since I've taken some time out to show some real appreciation for my favourite Misfit Mr Iwan Rheon!! There's not been much to report on from Camp Iwan as of late, but some lovely photos have hit the web from Mr Rheon himself, that I thought might interest you guys!! Ok, so they don't contain images of Iwan himself...sorry to let you down guys...but instead here are some snap shots taken by the man himself from his recent trip to Venezuela!! Enjoy...they're actually pretty good!! What else can this guy do...sing, act, take great photos...gheeze some have it all and then some!!

I think that this one is my favourite!!!!!!! 


Mr Rheon is one talented young fellow!! It's just not fair is it!!

Love Naomi


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Get Her Look: Kristen Stewart



Kristen Stewart was looking super cute in her colour blocked ensemble when she rocked up to Paul McCartney's swanky celeb bash in LA last night to celebrate the premiere of McCartney's new music video 'My Valentine'!! There weren't any sighting of her beau Robert Pattinson...but that doesn't mean he wasn't there!! But it's nice to see Kristen make an effort and put her crop tees and jeans away for the evening, she looks very smart here but hasn't overdone it...after all it's not her party!! I'm in love with her use of colour here, her red lipstick and her cobalt blue skirt compliment each other splendidly!! I thought I'd have a little go at recreating her outfit! 

Blazer, shirt and shoes all from Topshop and skirt from American Apparel.

Add your favourite chain!! And some Mac Danger Lady...

And you could be mistaken for Kristen herself!! 

Love Naomi