Thursday, 31 May 2012

'John, Grab Your Anorak': New Facebook Page!

Morning readers! Just thought that I would let you all know that 'John, Grab Your Anorak' has now got a facebook page to keep you all up to date with daily posts, blog information, and anything else I can think of that might interest you guys!! I thought it was about time I extended the community!! If you enjoy reading my blog then (without sounding too pushy) go ahead and like us on Facebook!! It would be much appreciated! And it will mean I don't have to keep bombarding my own wall with excessive posts...I think it may annoy my friends a wee bit (but I really hope not...)!! Anyway the option is there if you feel obliged to do so!! No pressure!! None what so ever...

Pretty please! hahaha!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Love Naomi


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Stealing Sheep: Your Saddest Song [short film]

Another cute track and short film from Stealing sheep!! I love them!

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Who is he????

I have passed the same poster in Bond Street tube station every day for the past week or so now and a face staring back at me looked so familiar but I just couldn't put my finger on why!! Check out the poster I'm talking's for the Laura Wade play 'Posh' which is currently on at the Duke of York Theatre!!

That's the mug I'm talking about!! But who is he...????? 
Well, I finally got around to googling it this evening and guess what?? He's none other than Ollie (actor Joshua McGuire) from series 2 of know the guy with the rats tail and the birkenstocks who can teleport...and gets shot in the head by video game guy!! 

This guy!! Ollie!

So I finally have the answer to my burning question!! It's so annoying when you recognise someone but you have no idea where from! Glad I've sorted that one out...I can sleep at night now! Ha! And unintentionally I've managed to deliver you two mifxies in the one result!! Double the fun!

Love Naomi


My New Shoes!!

I feel guilty!! I bought another pair of shoes!! Naughty me!! But I tried them on and they looked so pretty I just couldn't leave them in the shop!! I didn't even intend on going into Topshop!! I had a plan to go strictly to 'Boots' for make up replacements, and 'American Apparel' for work clothes, but a little detour into Topshop cost me £75!!!!!!!! WOW!!! But they're a classic style so I can wear them again and again and again until there's nothing left of them!

The Topshop classic ALEXY platform chelsea boot! They've been around for a while...but they're back yet again this year in all tan!!

Love Naomi



I've been spotting rather a lot of Corgis around as of late what with the Queens Diamond Jubilee coming up this weekend...and seeing as I'm a massive fan - like the Queen - of the short, ginger, large eared breed having one of my own...Jasper

I thought that I would take some photographs of all the corgis I've seen posing in shop windows!! Not real ones of course...


Awww so so cute!! I love corgis!!

CORGI-MANIA has hit the nation!!!! And I love it!!

Love Naomi


Daily Misfix: New Misfits cast members revealed!

Ok, so I know that it's been rather quiet in the world of 'Misfits' as of late, and I therefore apologise for the lack of misfix posts!! But something has finally arisen in the world of Misfits series 4 news that all you Misfitties ought to know!! Remember a couple of months ago, the guys over at misfits HQ announced that they were looking for three new cast members to fill the roles of Jess, Finn and Alex:

"Jess – Female:
Jess is a kind of female version of Larry David – smart and articulate, She’s the person who will say the un-sayable, the person who’ll question social norms and etiquette.
Jess hates people who bullshit and lie to her.

Finn – Male:
Finn has a childlike naively optimistic view of life, he’s always eager to please and enthusiastic about life.
Finn talks a lot and often uses this to try and talk himself out of difficult or awkward situations. He is very funny.

Alex – Male:
Alex is the sexiest guy on the estate. He is super good looking, all the girls fancy him but for some reason he is very standoffish, he doesn’t seem interested in girls..Everyone reads this as being extremely suspicious and suspect it’s power related. "

Well, finally some decisions have been made, and some actors have been cast!! How exciting?!? Check out Karla Crome who will be playing Jess and Nathan McMullen who shall be stepping into the role of Finn: it me or does Nathan looking suspiciously like Nathan...I mean Robert Sheehan!?! 

I think it's the curly locks!

They have yet to cast Alex...Hmmmm I wonder who they have in mind for that particular role!! They must be taking their time looking for the new eye candy to replace Iwan Rheon!! That's a hard face to fill alright!! 

I hope this little piece of information is going to be it for Misfits news for now...we want more!! October is too far away!!!!!

Love Naomi


Stealing Sheep 'Shut Eye'

'You should of got a better bed, better for your head; better heads need shut eye!'

Recognise it?? Hollyoaks advert anyone?? Indeed!! Quite possibly the best thing to have ever been associated with the soap!?!

Love  Naomi


Sunday, 27 May 2012


Here's my two doggies!! Thirteen year old Jasper the corgi and Wanda the pug puppy!! They're such cuties!! And I must say what with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee just around the's seems royally fitting to have a corgi...they are absolutely everywhere!! I'm pretty sure every shop window in London has a cardboard corgi posing with a crown on it's head...!! CORGI-MANIA has set in well and truly!! Anyone wanna pay to have their photo taken with a corgi?? I'll give you a good deal...hahahaha!!

Love Naomi


Robsten Cannes 2012 Round Up: Premiere's, After Parties and a tonne of PDAs!!

Well, well, well...haven't Robsten been busy the last couple of days what with all the film premiere's and after parties they've been attending whilst enjoying the 2012 festival de Cannnes...!! But that's not all they've been up too...!! If you've been living on a completely different planet for the past week then you will have no idea what I'm talking about...or maybe you just don't care...either way you're about to find out...or maybe you'll politely stop reading this post because the sight of the word Robsten was enough to arouse a little vomit in your mouth!! Or maybe you're sat there wondering what the hell a 'Robsten' is...(ignorant. HA!)??'s the combined name of Twilight on-screen/off-screen lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen now you know!! Glad we've cleared that one up!!

For us Robsten's been a particularly exciting week!! We knew that both Rob and Kristen would be in attendance at Cannes, what with them both having an entry! But we were under the impression that they would be in usual unsatisfactory Robsten 'pretend we're not dating and avoid being photographed together' mode...oh how sweetly wrong we all were?? It's been the biggest week for the couple so far to date...not just in terms of their acting careers and moving on from the hangs ups of being associated with the 'Twilight' franchise, but in terms of their public relationship!! We all expected that they'd some how managed to avoid paps and sneak in the back door of the cinema to attend each other's premieres, scowl at the cameras whilst covering their faces and maybe be photographed leaving the after party venue together...(the usual)! But we weren't expecting hand holding, kissing, and posing together on the red carpet - which we of course didn't get...the posing I mean!! as for the hand holding and kissing...we were in luck *SHOCK HORROR*!! It would appear Robsten are taking steps to making their thing a bit more of a public thing...woooohooo at long last!! Without further ado...let me kick off the Robsten Cannes round up in pictures!!

Starting with Wednesday 23rd May!!

Kristen began her day with the 'On the Road' photocall!
She's too excited for words here clearly!

Remember those Balenciaga trousers!!??

The OTR cast auditioning for the fourth 'Men in black' movie...What's with the Shades guys??

Rob trips his way on to his stylish ride to the 'On The Road' premiere!! Goofy!

Luckily he made it in one piece to support his gal!! Well done!! But that's not Kristen!?? Who's the blonde!? Hmm...

Here's Rob looking all swarve on the OTR red carpet! Unfortunately there's no pics of him and Kristen together on the red carpet, they cleverly timed it so he was already inside and seated by the time Kristen and her fellow OTR cast arrived! Sneaky!! 

Kristen in her custom made Balenciaga gown actually cracking a smile for once!! Aww Tom!!

OOOOOMMMMGGGG!! in the words of 'Ignition' "after the show it's the after party, and after the party it's the hotel lobby"! Oh yeah! Things heated up at the OTR after party!





AHhhhhhh!! I couldn't believe it!! What a day for Robsten!??

Next it was Rob's turn to take the spotlight, and on Friday 25th May 'Cosmopolis' hit Cannes!! And Rob started the day with the famous Cannes photocall!! Looking very HOT indeed!!

The right amount of casual and smart going on for a Cannes photocall!! Bang on!

And guess who took the 'plung' and showed up at the 'Cosmopolis' premiere!? 

Well..of course Rob's lady in red herself Kristen in a rather revealing, plunging red sexy number!! Ooo I say...somebody made an effort!! HWWWAT!! 

Oh I say, look who can't hold their own umbrella!

So pretty!

How is that dressing staying in place?? It's a mystery! Or maybe magic tape...!?

Aww Kristen and Rob's BBF Tom Stu!! Love him!! And it's nice to see he made an effort with his hair...not!

Awwwwwww Rob looking incredibly sophisticated and hot in his tux!! The next James Bond anyone!!??

Awww Kristen cannot contain herself and simply has to grab Rob and congratulate him ASAP!!

Whispering sweet nothing in his ear!! My guess: "I'm so sorry but I fell asleep. How did it end?"


Rob looks SOOOOOOO happy! Oozing pride!! And who's that hiding behind him...

Home time!! Another long night of premiere's, after parties and PDAs!! Robsten is official people...well, we can assume so!! No confirmation from the pair themselves though!! That'll be the day pigs fly!!

Love Naomi


(P.S. thanks to Just Jared & Kristen Stewart News for the photos. Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to swan the Cannes whenever we fell like it! Not yet anyway)

Because's there's never enough Iwan in your (Thurs)day!!

Did anyone catch the final episode of the current series of Simon Amstell's 'Grandma's House'?? If you might have noticed a familiar face!?

Look who it is!! Our favourite misfit Mr Iwan rheon, looking all hot and model-esc with his jacket slung over his shoulder (typical actor)!! He made his second appearance in the show, again appearing as Simon's actor/director kinda-boyfriend Ben Theodore (haha great name)!! And if I'm correct that's Miss Lavender Brown (AKA Jessie Cave) I spy on the end there! 

I was unfortunate enough to be working late on Thursday and missed the finale!! Gutted!! But fear not if like me you missed Iwan's cameo then it's repeated tonight on BBC2!! I can't wait!! I love Grandma's house!! And I love Iwan Rheon!! What else could one possibly wish for on a Sunday evening? What a treat!!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!!

Love Naomi


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Balenciaga Queen of Cannes 2012: Kristen Stewart!!

Ok, so Kristen Stewart has been hitting up Cannes today to Promote her new film 'On The Road'!! This morning she arrived at the Cannes 2012 'On The Road' photocall along with other cast members...including Kirsten Dunst (confusing I know... a Kristen and a Kirsten in the same room...ahhh! Bet there were a few name mix ups)!! She was wearing a fabulous pair of yellow Balenciaga trousers, teamed with her favourite blazer and classic white tee combo...she looked Cannes perfect!!

Kristen kept it casual!! Adding a heel keep up the classy-ness of Le Cannes!! And check out Tom Sturridge's electric blue suit in the background seems the dress code was 'COLOUR' for this photocall!! 

Shame...It seems Kirsten didn't get that message! Kirsten went for something a little more classic!! A whole lotta Dolce & Gabbana classic!! She looks gorge!! 

Fancy getting your hands on K-Stews trousers?!?! Be prepared to pay £545 for them!! 
They're nice, but they're not that nice!! There's plenty of great printed trousers out there for a lot less!! 

 Zara have some really nice fresh designs!! Which I just love!! 
And very reasonably priced at £29.99...

And £39.99!! Fab!!

Topshop also have a wide selection of printed trousers to choose from!!

Go wild!! 

But that isn't it for K-Stew news today!! She hit cannes again this evening to attend the premiere of 'On The Road' and again she opted for Balenciaga as her designer of choice, this time in a custom made gown!! She looked stunning!! 

Daring!! Again she opts for exposing some leg!! Familiar...LA Breaking dawn Premiere anyone!??

That necklace seems to be making a day-to-day appearance at the moment...hmmm...a Birthday gift from Robert Pattinson!?? Speculate...??

Speaking of Robert Pattinson, I've got some rather exciting news for Robsten fans...In case you didn't already know Rob made an appearance tonight at the premiere! YES YOU HEARD CORRECTLY!! Rob was present people!! Dispelling rumours that he had dropped of the face of the earth...where has he been hiding out the last couple of days?!? It's a mystery! He dressed to impress when arriving to support his lady, opting  for a classic black suit and skinny tie!! Super handsome...

Rob and Kristen arrived separately, and we can assume Rob was ushered away to his seat before Kristen arrived with the rest of the OTR cast, so the press and adoring fans expecting a red carpet shot of the Twilight couple were disappointed!! Sad times!! But'll be happy to know Rob was seated in front of Kristen for the showing!! And what comes after the show...the after party!! So there's still the after party snaps of the hot couple to look forward to!! The big question now is whether Kristen will show up to Robert's Premiere of 'Cosmopolis' on Friday!?? I do hope so!! Stand by your man and all that! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Love Naomi


Yesterday's Purchases: Because 3 pairs of sunglasses is better than one!!

So yesterday, me and my bestie headed on over to East London for a wee browse around Brick Lane, and lucky for us it was a glorious day indeed!! The sun shined all day long and I was content in just a t-shirt and shorts...SHOCK HORROR...yes that's right I said it...SHORTS!! And it felt good!! It was most definitely 'leave your coat at home' kinda weather!! And when the weathers that good it's impossible not to smile...and spend some cash, which I did of course do!! Here's what I bought!!

Not one...

Not two...

But three pairs of sunglasses!! 

I know, I know what could I possibly need with three pairs of sunnies?? You can only wear one pair at a time and all that (actually that's not the case you can wear one on your face, one on your head and the other tucked into your tee-shirt HA!!) But when you can get three pairs for £10 it's hard to resist bagging a bargain!! And they're protective wear after all...gotta keep my eyes shaded from the rays!! 

My new motto in life: "Because three pairs of sunglasses is better than one!" 

A vintage Chiltern handbag from Absolute Vintage!! In very good condition I might add!! Coming in at £28!!

This awfully cute animal crop tee from Beyond retro!! £15!!

And this lovely cropped embellished jacket, label still intact!! Also from Beyond Retro!! A gem of a find at £18!! 

Hmmm...I know what you're thinking...a pair of shoes are missing from my purchased list!! And you're right!! I saw lots of cute vintage shoes, but resisted the urge to buy anymore shoes, seeing as I've already treated myself to 3 pairs this month!! But I do regret not buying these super cute embellished loafers!!

Overall, I'm suitably happy with my days purchases!!

I hope the sun is shining where ever you are!! It's glorious here in London town!! Love it!! 

Love Naomi