Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Shoe Want of the Week!!

Yep, I'm lusting after another pair of shoes biggy...that's how I roll! Whilst the satisfaction of the last pair starts to wear off my eyes are already scouring the web for the next pair to get my hands on!! Hahah this is actually becoming a serious addiction and I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be laughing about it...there is surely some kind of gapping hole in my life that I'm trying to fill with shoes...oh well...Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson (I thought pigs would fly before the day I read that in the tabloids...tut tut Kristen you've been a naughty could you??) If she's not happy with what she's got (a whole lot of that R-Patz body us twihards all dream of) then where's the hope for the rest of us eh?!

Love Naomi


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Robert Pattinson - Black Books

Here's some hot pics of Mr Pattinson gracing the pages of Black Book magazine!! It needs no more of an introduction than that...let's let the photos speak for themselves...

He is a beautiful creature don't you think? Dare to disagree...go on...I challenge you to!! 

Love Naomi


Teen Choice Awards 2012: Get Kristen Stewart's Look!!

It was the 2012 annual Teen Choice Awards the Sunday just passed, and of course the Twilight cast were nominated big time for their efforts in 'Breaking Dawn Part 1' - which of course meant one thing and one thing only for Twi-hard...major Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (and the gooseberry in the relationship Taylor) screen time!! They opted to skip the red carpet and arrived together through the back entrance (sneaky sneaky) what is it with them and public interaction...what's wrong with the front door guys!! Hmmm....I wish they would just give us fans what we are all after...


But they kept the PDA down to an absolute minimum on the night, well in front of the cameras anyway!! But we all know, and they know that we all know...and we know that they know that we all's the worst kept secret in Hollywood!!

Despite skipping the red carpet they happily posed backstage for the camera's...looking positively thrilled to be at their forth Teen Choice Awards for their involvement with Twilight!! It seems that they're all becoming a little nostalgic about the whole thing...Rob even donated his surf board award to a couple of lucky audience members - cat fight waiting to happen - and of course  Kristen followed in suit...(Taylor however did not...he's clinging on to any award he can get his hands soon as Twilight's over his career is over!!) And Kristen even gave a shout out to ex-BFF and R-patz love rival Nikki Reed...SHOCK HORROR!! Maybe she's trying to build some bridges in that department...cringe!! I still don't think Nikki's gonna be maid of honour for the big Stewart-Pattinson nuptials some how but she may find herself back on the invitation list...if she's lucky!!

But they actually won some awards...which is the most important thing...

Kristen won Choice Romance Actress for Breaking Dawn, and Choice movie star for her portrayal of Snow White. 

And Breaking Dawn picked up the award for Choice movie Romance!! 

Ashley Greene also picked up Choice movie scene stealer for her portrayal of Alice in Breaking Dawn!! 

So well done guys!! But now to the choice fashion...

Here's what the guys wore to the special occasion!!

So who were they wearing!? ...

Well Kristen opted for a Roberto Cavalli Blazer and leather pants teamed with those killer Louboutin pumps she loves so much!! 

And Rob wore a Spring 2012 Marc Jacobs shirt and Komakino jacket! 

They looked very Mr and Mrs in their matching colours! Super cute!!  

I just love Kristen's cute ensemble!! It's all very chic...and that blazer is the shit!! Love it!! It's like Will Smith's inside out blazer from fresh prince!! Amazing!!!!! And those leather pants...Hwat!! Gurl's got style!!


Warehouse, £70

Topshop, £10

Topshop,  £32

Office: £68

That's it!! Enjoy the sunshine!!

Love  Naomi


Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Year In My Shoes!!

Can you believe it?? ... Can you blooming believe it!!?? ...

WHAT!?? (I hear you ask)

Well...believe it or not...My blog...yes my little humble blog is gonna one years old tomorrow!!!!!! Yes...that means I've been boring the nation with constant fanatical twilight trivia and Misfits mania (and all the other shizz I blabber on about) for a whole year now...who knew it would have lasted so long eh?! I didn't!! I was sure this was gonna be another one of my summer time creative flings that is all but important for the best of 5 minutes before I've moved on to the next thing!! But here we are...a year on, and for some magical reason you're still reading my tiresome dribble and I'm unbudgingly still writing it!! And I think that deserves some recognition!! Let's frigging celebrate like it's 1999!! I thought I would start off the celebrations with one of my favourite of course (well...not of could have been a number of things...I do like to indulge myself a wee bit)!! I thought that it would be interesting to look back at all the shoes I've purchased since starting 'John, Grab Your Anorak'...back in July of Last year which is rather a lot I must say...!! Take a look...



Vintage bottle green lace ups from Rockit: £28 (July 2011)

My Bonn Birkenstocks: A gift from my mummy (July 2011)


Little vintage gold pumps from Edinburgh: £17 (August 2011)


Vintage 80s lightening bolt pumps: £18 (October 2011)


Topshop Midnight navy velvet chelsea boot: £75 (November 2011)


Amaz Apaz dancing shoe: £26 (December 2011)

Matt black DMs: Christmas Prezzie from Papa (December 2011)



Russel & Bromley patent rose loafers: £155 (January 2012)


Camper bowling shoe: £110 (February 2012)

Heeled Topshop Jellies: £24 (February 2012)


Silky tropical River Island flatforms: £35 (April 2012)

Flat form plimsoles also a River Island Purchase: £20 (April 2012)


My DM cut outs: £95 (May 2012)

Topshop Alexy Boot: £75 (May 2012)


Office cut out wedge: £45 (June 2012)


Office industrial school girl lace up: £55 (TODAY!!)

I love shoes...if you didn't just get that from the above!!

Love Naomi


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Get Kristen Stewart's 2012 Comic Con look!!

So...yesterday was a pretty exciting day for all us Twi-hards who have been waiting all year for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 to hit up San Diego at the annual comic convention which attracts thousands of fanatics every single year!! Unsurprisingly, I wasn't pay check couldn't possibly stretch to paying for a return ticket to the States...but I was quick to get on the web and find out everything that I missed whilst being miles away, on the opposite side of the planet!! Which was quite a lot!!

Rob and Kristen continue to fail at hiding the fact that they are the happiest couple in Hollywood when in each others's like they live in their own little mad bubble...making everyone else look like spare parts perching on the edge of the conversation, just there to look pretty (when I say everyone...I mean Taylor...hahaha)!! I do love it when we get to see some Robsten activity which is expected rather than an intrusion on the couples privacy!! Kristen really appears to enjoy Comic Con and is quick to step in when Rob as per usual dances around every question not really giving a cohesive answers...but being utterly hilarious!! Taylor was as ever the crowd pleaser...with his cheesy smiles and sensible answers!! And Kristen rambles on like a true actor...making sense in a way that only a fan of the Twilight series could ever truly understand...and getting all mushy at the fact that this is the last time that she'll appear at Comic Con with the Twilight Saga...see she does have a heart!! She's not the miserable ice bitch that everyone thinks she is...not all the time anyway!!

Catching a recording of the interviews can be pretty tedious...and to be honest the best footage for those of us not lucky enough to have made it to San Diego doesn't hit the web until at least 24 hours after the event...!! But finally some videos of the press conference and panel have hit YouTube...that are bearable to watch...I can't stand wobbly fan matter how funny their commentary may be nobody wants to hear constant screaming every time Rob opens his mouth...jheeze...Unless I'm there in the room screaming along with yah...shut your gobs!! Hahaha!! Check out all the goodies (pictures, videoes etc...) at KStew News it's checking out, if only to get a bit Robsten cuteness back in your's been a while since the couple's Cannes rendez vous and we've all been deprived of some Robsten love...what with their conflicting schedules as of late!! Enjoy...

Possibly my favourite pic of the day!!! Awww super cute!! The Happy Cullen-Swan family!! 

Now to the main feature!! Seeing as Kristen continues to be considered amongst Hollywoods young best dressed celebs...I thought I would recreate her Comic Con look for you guys to copy!! She looked hot right!!??

Kristen unsurprisingly opted for a casual comic con look...teaming this neon yellow print tube skirt with her staple white crop tee and some high top trainer wedges!! She oozed cool, I think you'll agree!!


Loose Crop Tee: American Apparel, £19

Neon Tube Skirt: American Apparel, £38

Sports Wedge: ASOS, £45

Cat Eye Pendant Necklace: Topshop, £8.50

That's it folks!! 

Love Naomi


Friday, 13 July 2012

Etta James - I Just Want To Make Love To You

Oh you feed my soul on a Friday night!!

Love Naomi


Jackson 5 - Who's Lovin' You

Morning all!! Happy TGI Friday one and all!!! Make it a good' fact make it the Friday 13th you've ever had...!!

Love Naomi


Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Midnight Beast - Begging

Genius. If you don't laugh, or at least crack a smile once during this number...then it's safe to say you have no sense of humour (no offence).

Love Naomi


Kristen Stewart Teams up with Balenciaga for new fragrance!!

It's no secret that Kristen Stewart is a big fan of Balenciaga and it would seem that Balenciaga reciprocates the feelings!! Here she is looking all model-fabulous in the shots for Balenciaga fragrance 'Florabotanica' (well that's a mouthful.)


Love Naomi


Andrew Garfield's got me in his web.

This post needs no words.

Except maybe the following warning alert: This post is not for the faint hearted, think carefully before proceeding if you are of a fragile disposition. Could cause loss of words and an irregular heart beat!


End of post.

Love Naomi