Saturday, 20 October 2012

Daily Misfix: Misfits Series 4!!!!! Coming 28th October

MISFITTIES!!!! Can you believe it's been a year since Misfits series three hit our screens?? And three years since the first series rocked our worlds and showed the US that us Brits can do the whole superhero thang as good as them (better in my opinion)! If you haven't already seen this (where have you been?) then check out the trailer for series four RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Do it or regret it!! 

If you haven't already seen series 1-3 then you've still got time to catch up!! Series four doesn't start until the 28th October so get down to your local HMV, library (if your cheap) and purchase the boxset NOW!! Honestly, you will not be able to stop watching once you've started...I watched the first two series over three nights!!!! EPIC!!! I LOVE MISFITS!! 

This series round...there's a new cast! Only one member of the original ASBO five, Curtis, remains...but the show still has it's edge! And new cast addition Karla Crome, BBC2's 'The Murder', is definitely heading up a fresh new cast of faces to watch!! And with old E4 favourite Joseph Gilgun, 'This Is England', sticking around for his second series...we are defo in for some laughs and then so more...!! 

Be there or be square. Sunday 28th October 2012. 10pm. E4. 

The storm is coming.

Love Naomi


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