Monday, 22 October 2012

Robert Pattinson on The Project (October 22nd, 2012)

Get ready folks the Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 promotional tour is well and truly underway, with Rob in Australia and Kristen half way across the other side of the world in Japan...(by chance...I DON'T THINK SO) they wanna keep us wondering a little longer what the hell exactly is going on between the two on-off love birds...there's no use giving anything away yet, not until the heat surrounding twilight has died down completely!! But lets move away from that subject because to be quite frankly honest it has nothing to do with us whether they are or are not together...we can speculate, we can make assumptions and read anything into the situation, but at the end of the day we KNOW NOTHING!! The interesting thing about the web is that it's always an inside source giving all this information away...but who the hell is this insider, cos I for sure wouldn't be hanging around with them if that's how they treat there friends! END OF RANT. Here's rob looking hot and answering some questions from down under!! Listen out for what the guy on the panel says at the end...too funny!! 

Hahaha...can't believe Rob hero!! And back off panel guy how many times do you think he's had to answer that question...I think you'd be yawning too!!

Hope you twi-hards enjoyed!

Love Naomi


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