Thursday, 22 November 2012

Presenting the chairman of the 'I hate twilight' fan club: Robert Pattinson

Although many of us are saddened by the fact that the Twilight Saga is now officially over...crying ourselves to sleep and justifying to our families seeing Breaking Dawn Part two for the tenth time, there are a few people who are glad to see the back of it... but none more so than leading man himself Robert Pattinson - talk about slapping the hand that feeds you Rob!! I'm glad he feels that he can share his hatred for the Saga with us all now that it's over! There's no more having to hide it are free to hate on Twilight as much as you like...let rip!! I reckon he signed on to do 'Twilight' thinking...why not? it's just some little indie film about vampires that no one will ever see it...fuck it!! Little did he know how wrong he would be!!

Presenting the 'I Hate Twilight' Chairman's opening speech! 

Joker. I love him.


Love Naomi


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