Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Robsten: The Beautiful People

Edward & Bella came to life on the red carpet last night as Rob and Kristen vamped things up for the LA premiere of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part two! Don't they look totally mind blowingly hot??? Like they were born to play the loved up young vampire hotties!! Talk about green with envy...loving that green gucci suit 'ifs' 'buts' or 'maybes' haters it's banging!! and anyone saying otherwise has NO taste what so ever!! Proving once again that he is as perfect as Mr Cullen!! In the words of 'Made In Chelsea's' Mark-Francis 'scoochie scoochie in your gucci darling!' As for Kristen's risk-A revealing nude lacy strapless number...two words: HOT STUFF!! No one can deny the fact that she drop dead gorgeous!!!!!! She was totally rocking the gold panties under this gown...Kylie stylie!! Defo my favourite Twilight Premiere look to date!! Let's wait and see it tomorrows outfit here in London can over take it!! I do hope so, she should make a massive effort in Rob's home town...I'm sure some loyal Brit fans are still a little holding a tiny grudge against the heartbreaker twilight beauty after her 'momentary indiscretion' with SWATH director Rupert Sanders (but I think we've heard enough mention of that in recent weeks...time to move on guys! Robsten looks pretty sweet right now!) I reckon she'll dress to impress and pull out another winning gown to the London premiere!! If not...I'll be sure to mention it on here...!!

Check back here tomorrow eve for all the goss. 

Love Naomi


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