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'John, Grab Your Anorak' was founded in July 2011 by Naomi Anderson-Subryan, originally as a solution to combatting boredom during the long summer break, however, now slowly becoming an all year occupation. The blog gets it's rather unusual title from the lyric of a song...

"It's that time again
the end of the night
the party is over
the music's winding down
John, grab your anorak,
it's raining outside"

'John, Grab Your Anorak' aims to bring it's readers fun and interesting posts, and generally satisfy readers with entertaining opinions and news on popular-culture - from fashion to film, television, theatre and much much more. Naomi has a way with words which is hard to resist, once you've read one post you are sure to be back for more. 

The Blogger

Naomi was born on April 1 1992, growing up an April Fool in South East London. She has always had a keen interest in writing and excelled at English from a young age, and since discovering Topshop in her early teens fashion and putting clothes together has been an essential part of the Naomi that her friends know today - the result of these two things combined being this blog. Far from merely being a summer fad, writing 'John, Grab Your Anorak' has become an outlet for honing and exercising her writing talent. One day she wishes to write for television and screen, but for now satisfying her readers is her number one goal when she wakes up in the morning! 

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